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rasing awarness

i have had asthma since i was little and recently had trouble is not sticking to the rules and doing things that would aggraivate my asthma, like smoking and spraying loads of air freshener and landlord wont do anything about the damp, thank god am moving soon, but after experaincing this i am making sure i start to raise awarness of the effects of asthma in my town, as eveyone should know what asthma is, the triggers, how doing things can affect people and what to do if someone is having a attack, as i think this should also a worldwide thing, other people should do this as would make people so more aware, asthma uk do a great job with everything but i think if people can help out by raising awarness in thier hometown. and maybe this will make people think about thier actions and be more aware about it and what to do, as even though millions of people asthma it is still not well known enough amoung people who dont have asthma or know anyone with it.

i am also starting up a chairty called LTC UK( need a new name if anyone can help) but it is for all people and familes of people with any type of long term condition, to give advice and a listening ear and maybe be able to help with somthing they need, we also give these people a second voice by putting across any concerns they have about healthcare and try to get these changes into place. i am setting up this charity after being treated badly by last doctor and had enough of them lying and making up things about my health and dont want other people going through the trauma i did.

unfortunaly before i can do any of this work i need fundrasing and people to be kind with donations, if you would like to help with fundrasing and donations or just simply want help and advice then you are more then welcome to message me

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