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Regarding Asthma and Osteoporosis survey

To anyone who may be interested in filling my Asthma and Osteoporosis survey. Please do not be put off if you are under the age that is written on the questionnaire. Due to the lack of numbers I have decided to change it to any age.

Also if you have any problems filling the questionnaire out on here, I also have it on another site called This site is designed for questionnaires and therefore alot easier to use. If you google my3q, click onto the site right at the top, once on the site some symbols appear at the top, click on the health one(if you hover over it will show which it is), and then onto the Asthma and Osteoporosis survey. Thank you so much for your time and to the people who have already showed an interest.

Emma Mersseman x

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I have Osteonecrosis would i be any help infilling in your questionairre?


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