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Help wanted with research into spiritual and religious treatment

Dear All,

With kind permission of Asthma UK, I am writing to ask for adult volunteers to

take part in my research project, which is part of my Health Psychology

masters degree at the University of Nottingham. Please note that this is a

personal research project and not a Asthma UK initiative.

I am looking for people (male or female) who are suffering from any chronic

illness, including asthma, heart disease, and depression, to take part an

online questionnaire, which will take approximately 15-20 minutes. It will ask

you about your opinions regarding religious or spiritual treatment options for

your illness and how you cope with the illness, along with background

information about your illness, treatments you use, and any religious or

spiritual beliefs you hold.

If you are willing to help please go to the following web page which will take

you directly to the start of the questionnaire:

If you would like any further details, please email me at

Many thanks,

Hannah Dale

MSc Health Psychology

Institute of Work, Health and Organisations,

University of Nottingham

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hi hannah

have just completed the survey for you, found it very easy and interesting,

good luck with your research, look forward to the result

Love Andrea xxxx


Thank you very much Andrea,

I'm glad you found it both interesting and easy to fill in.

I will let Asthma UK have details of the final result, but if you (or anyone else who helps) would like a personal email with the results (in September) please email me at:

Best wishes,




I hope I don't offend anyone by asking this question but what does religious belief have to do with Asthma? I'm just curious.



Hi fluffy, I think it's not about a connection between religion and asthma but more how religion or spirituality effects the way you feel about or cope with the chronic aspect of the illness. Whether or not they help or hinder. Whether or not you believe in the possibility of healing through a god or a spiritual capacity. Whether or not the possession of a religion belief or a spiritual awareness effects the way you think and feel about and deal with the imipact a chronic illness (not necessarily just asthma) has on an individual. Is that about as clear as mud?



Hi Fluffy,

BeckyG was certainly along the right lines with her answer; I am not trying to suggest there is a link between spirituality or religion and asthma. To answer your question specifically in relation to my project, I am looking at whether you feel religion or spirituality does help or could help you cope with your asthma (or any other chronic illness). Also, whether you would like the option of treatments that incorporate spiritual or religious beliefs, and what types of options you would be interested in. Many people may not be interested in spiritual or religious treatment options; these views are equally as valuable to my project as those who would like such options. On the other hand, many people may find these options helpful in the way they cope with asthma.

Hope that answers your question, I’m happy to answer any more you may have.

Best wishes,



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