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Hi everyone

I was wondering if anyone could help me, I'm a student training in the childcare field, as part of my studies I have to understand the health and care of the children in my care, currently my class have been given a assignment on Asthma, one of the questions are about what support is avaliable for children and their families with Asthma such as hospital services, school health services or organisations or groups . I have found some information support groups but i was wondering if anyone can suggest any more of the above. I hope people are not offended by my posting, i do not have Asthma myself nor do i know anyone that does but i would like to learn more about it for the future. Kind Regards Hayley

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hi hayley

welcome to the boards, they are quite informative as is the website. There is lots of info leaflets on here regarding asthma and asthma treatments etc.

one thing you haven't listed is kickasthma holidays which are available for kids with asthma there is also a specific boards on here for kids if u follow the links from homepage. i'm sure some of the peeps on here with kids can help you more. you might also wanna try emailing AUK themselves i'm sure they'd provide u with more info.

hope that helps



hi hayley

i work in the childcare field with hv's so try contacting your local health centre and they should have all the contacts in the health field or know what chikldren in their care can recieve. if i can be of any further help feel free to pm me.


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