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Asthma just got worse!

Hi all - new to this forum & this is my first post.

My asthma has just got worse - over the last month.

Strangely this seems to have coincided with some new furniture (sofas) that we have had (delivered early december). However this has also coincided with a bit of 'flu bug' doing the rounds in early December.

I wondering whether the deterioration in my condition could be due to the furniture & any chemicals used in the padding. Is this common? I've never had it before, but seems a little too coincidental.


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Welcome to the forums. I'd say more likely to be down to present weather. As you can see on the threads, we've all been suffering one way or another with it.

Yes, furnishings can sometimes cause problems. Certainly, I seemed to sneeze more the year we put up a wall (correction, husband put up a wall) of Billy units, but then so were a lot of my friends who had never been in our house. See your GP when they open after New Year just as a check if nothing else.

Take care,



New Soft furnishings often contain various chemicals from the processes, from storage eg anti fungal chemicals, etc and these can irritate the airways.


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