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Just keep going

My story I'm sure is not that unusual,but I wanted to post it to give hope to others.

In April 2008 my asthma started to play up and it just keeped getting worst. No mater what drugs I took very little helped.So in September 2010 I went to Addenbrookes.Which was the right move for me.On monday this week after all of my test I was told I have asthma and some thimg called Bronchomalacia which mean that parts of my lungs collapse when breathing in and no matter how many drugs I take nothing would help that and I wasn't going mad or making it up.

The out came my not have been what I wanted,but at last I have a name for what is wrong with me.

So if you our not happy with what you our being told,keep pushing and never give up.It's your body and you know when some thing is wrong.

I'm very greatfull for all the help I have had here.so please don't give up.They is life after all this,it just different.


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Denise, sorry to hear about your diagnosis but glad you have answers - I know exactly what you mean about being glad to have a name; it's not fun having symptoms but if you're going to have them better to know what you're dealing with. I had the whole thing with being told I didn't have asthma and was just stressed and hyperventilating, and it was such a relief when I finally got a good dr who told me I did have asthma - now I know what I'm dealing with and that there are things that can help.

I hope you can find some relief now you know what's going on and that you adjust ok.


Dear Denise,

I am thrilled you finally have an answer to your worsening asthma, and as a fellow sufferer of Bronchomalacia you have my sympathy.

I think your story is an inspiration to all of us to not doubt ourselves and to persevere, well done you and thank you for sharing your story.


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