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That Panic Feeling. Please help!

Ive had asthma for several years,had far too many stays in costa, and more than a few very close calls.

But a new thing for me is the feeling of panic. Yes, Ive been scared during an attack before, but usually as a reaction to those around me, generally Ive been lucky enough to stay as calm as I can. But had several attacks yesterday and through the night, and had horrid feelings of panic in them. Its hard enough trying to breathe without this nasty addition!

Am seeing my fantastic doctor later today, as pf has dropped like a stone again, hope he can help with this as well.

Does this happen to anyone else, if so what do you do about it?!

Thankyou xx

Edit: Am sorry for this thread coming up three times, think the computer is having a panic too!!

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Hi, I am fairly new to asthma but when I get uncontrollable coughing fits I panic like crazy. I find that challenging my beliefs and thoughts helps. With any panic there are usually 5 factors:

Environment ~ where you are, the situation you are in

Physical ~ shaking, breathlessness (not normal asthma), stomach upset, sweaty palms, heart racing

Thoughts ~ we all have plenty off these!

Feelings ~ scared, fear

Actions ~ running away, avoidance

The connections between these 5 factors means that if we can work on one of them, it will affect the others.

I don't know enough about asthma to know if panic is normal or not, but I do know it is scary!

I hope you soon feel better.


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