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Off to Costa!

Im about to go to hospital, just waiting for docs letter. Have been really struggling, and am not coping at all, going from one attack to another.

Cant get a PF over 50 today, and cant maintain sats either, so gp not letting me home and said I will be admitted again.

Am soo tired of this, wish my lungs would realise they have all the meds they need and just behave, is that too much to ask?!

Hope everyone else is healthy and happy xxxx

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Oh elliew!

I'm so sorry you're having such a rough time. I hope you're not in too long and your lungs start to ikprove.

Take care xxx


Hope you feel better soon. Sometimes no matter how hard you try only costa can sort the asthma

Out ... So here's hoping its a quick but positive visit for you .... Take care and good health !!!!


Aww take care duck and hope you feel better soon and a short stay xxx


aww hun hope you k , i just got out , hope they you sorted quick take care jo x


sorry you got captured Ellie! ""naughty lungs, behave for EllieW please!"" hope everyone looks after you and gets you as well as you can be soon. take care xx ><>

glad you got home Jo, sorry work are pressurising you to return to work - i would suggest that you see your GP again now that you are out, and see what he/she suggests with your phased return to work especially as 5 March is Monday! i cant even think about doing a whole day at present and i havent ever been captured by Costa because of my asthma. take care xx ><>


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