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So happy!

Just a wee quick word for all people struggling with their Asthma.

My DLA was approved and it has opened up so many ways to help me in my council (as they are b*ggers about rules). I am so happy I finally decided to apply (after seven years!) and the things such as the dial a bus etc will help so much.

So please don't give up. Some people think people with Asthma shouldn't be allowed to claim but I would like them to live a day in our shoes! The pain and breathlessness is still there, but at least I can finally get a wee bit of help getting out and about.

Enjoy the day all :)

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That is great news. I am putting in yet another claim for DLA for me as I am know on the blue, brown and green inhalers and also singulair which I started taking last night. I have heard and read loads of good reports of it working just hope it works for me too



Glad you got DLA, alot of people dont realise how much asthma impacts on your life. I applied for DLA last year, it got turned down and after 2 appeals it has now been sent for a tribunal. I have been waiting since Feb for a date but hopefully it will soon be sorted and I can be happy like you!


Thanks :) I hope you all get the decision that is right for you too. I was very lucky it was a straight forward application and was approved without a medical which was brilliant- less brilliant I need it in the first place but hey ho!

Asthmafamily- I use singulair... it doesn't do too much for me but I hope it does something for you :) I hope you feel better soon- this weather is insane isn't it? My body can't cope! Hope you get some relief with it




Hi there,

I'm so glad to hear your news and I know the doors it will open for you will be a great help. I'm glad you persevered as many people give up believing they're not entitled to it for ASTHMA. I had a lot of trouble applying for it for my daughter 25 years ago and it seems not a lot has changed in that time. it's about time Civil Servants and senior N.H.S staff were educated ( compulsory ) about asthma. I'd just like to say to others please don't give up and good luck to you all. Keep well. LIZ x


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