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is this possible ?


when i joined asthma uk i had to use my mum's email because for some reason mine was all messed up and not working, but about a week later i got a laptop for my birthday and now i was wondering if it' possible to switch emails some how? mum keeps getting emails saying someone's sent me a message and she's getting pretty sick of it, just a random question.

thanks megg :) xx

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Click the bit where it says ""My account"" at the top (just above the green bar) then click Edit your basic account details"" then change your address and hit submit. I haven't tried it but I assume that'll work, they might send an email to your mum's account asking for confirmation as a lot of websites do that to protect against hackers, but like I say I haven't tried it so I don't know for certain.


thanks, i'll give it a go ;) X


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