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Something we all should do! - a lasting legacy

I took great comformt last night in a wonderfull book that Snowy made some years ago and has kept updated ever since.

She designed and made a ""my life"" book, its absolutley beautuiul, all silver and white and bound in ribbons, in it she has pages on every aspect of her life and ours together. The deal was that I was never meant to read it until she was gone (oops!), I at the time thought it was a very morbid idea, but she always said that she wanted all the achievements she ever made in her life, all the menories of good times etc all in one place so that when family or friends needed something to smile about at a time of sorrow it was just there,,, ready made and no need to go routing around for pics etc...

In it she has countless pages of photos done in a collage style of every event in her life, pics from when she was a kid, to when she was in the police, to work partys, teenage holidays, every holiday we ever went on, our wedding, birth of son, and so much more, some I have never even seen before and many many more that were long since forgotten!

There was even a page of all the little notes I had written her over the years, the small cards sent with flowers and the small plastic word cards that people had given her, I didnt even know she had kept all of those!

She has included a page of quotes of her best loved things in the world, people she adores, her beloved footy team (arsenal of course!), her best and worst moments of her life..

Then theres copies of poems she wrote me, cards she made (shes a very tallented artist and card maker!), songs she loved (even has the cd's in it so I can play them and where she/we were when they became special to her), certifictes from when she was in the England Junior Hockey Squad, medals she had won as a child for dancing and certificates for endless competitions she won for her pottery work.

Also a photocopy of a card she designed that actually went to print when she was only 16!

I now know why she thought this was such a good idea, its all here in one book, I only have to pick it up and shes with me, I know she wont be impressed that I opened it, but I just needed it and it kept me going last night, so hope she will understand.

I think everyone should do one, its amazing!


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alex your right everyone should have one and take loads of pictures as well


Sounds beautiful, what a lovely idea.

Clare x


Alex, I'm sure Snowy wouldn't mind you looking at the book just yet. Made with you in mind after all. What a wonderful gift to make for loved ones. Know just what she means by rooting around for the bits and bobs of one's life. We have stuff in cupboards and crammed between books on shelves.

Thank you Snowy, for showing us how we should be keeping all the little bits that make up our lives together in one place. My older daughter scrapbooks too. Days of family fun and laughter and milestones. Keeps trying to get me to do the same. Your post is something of a wake up call to me. Only I know the stories behind the older stuff in the display cabinet and the passed down family jewellery. Time I wrote it all down for my girls and their families.

Thanks for sharing.



i am definietely glad u opened the book as it gave you comfort and helped you through the night and will continue to help and comfort you as you get through this tough time.

sure she wont mind u reading it and i will back you up on that ;)

its fab to know you have had so many treasured memories together to hold onto, many more to come, and with lewis in his cadets :)

definitely fab gift to loved ones and friends :) so glad she started this, its a fab idea :)

x x x


What a lovely idea i hope it brings you lots of comfort and happines. Im sure snowy wont mind you looking at it. Its a lovely idea, ive got lots of pics, cards,etc stashed away in photo albums but not like snowy has done. oh well another project to put in my to do projects list. Im gonna have to live to be 2oo to do everything.


Lovely idea for everyone to leave behind for love ones one day. I love lasting legacies, thats why I pour into others while I am here, cos oneday we move on.



What a lovely idea, I do hope it brings you some comfort.

I bet Snowy won't mind you reading the book


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