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not being feeling 100% for the last 4 weeks

Hi to everyone,

I have not being feeling to well for the last 4 weeks have been coughing off and on, one minute my nose is blocked then the next it is runny and I have also had a sore thoat. But over the last 2 weeks my asthma has also been playing up and at times I have been finding I am short of breath. Really really tried and have no energy to do anything. My peak flow dropped about a week ago so I had to start on pred but still not feeling any better I have now finished the course.

I have managed to get a doctors appointment but it is not for another to weeks!

I have start on my hayfever meds and also up my asthma meds.

Is the hayfever season started yet?

Any ideas?

Thanking you in advance.


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The hayfever season started about two weeks ago in my area. The forecasts said the pollen counts where high for today....


Sounds rubbish :( Hope you feel better soon.

Meanwhile...2 weeks, that's ridiculous. You need something sooner than that esp if it turns out the pred wasn't enough and you need more.

I'd push for an emergency appt. If you leave it 2 weeks you might end up at OOH anyway or (worst case) in Costa.


Hayfever started a while ago and boy don't I know it. My worst month of the year is June and this year I think I may hibernate!

You need to see a doctor sooner rather than later so make an emergency appointment soon or you will be really ill.


It sounds like you need an emergency doctor's appointment to get your meds sorted. It would be better to do that than let things flare up and get worse, because then it will take longer to get them back under control.



I've just been in a similar position! Got poorly from a cold, tried to manage at home, saw GP, started Steroids, ended up in Costa, got Antibiotics, didn't get better, got more steroids!

I've now been ill for almost all of March, thankfully I'm now seeing improvement!

I'd suggest a Dr's appointment ASAP!


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