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Work Makes Me Ill

I have just completed my first shift back at work after a run of hospital admissions. Since I came out have been nebbing 6 hourly and on 30mg of prednislone no dropping very slowely! I been feeling better than ever! anyway today at work I starting feeling a bit rubbish so took my nebs twice (9 hours shift) and I was coughing more and general asthma symtoms returned. My peak flow had dropped from 450 this morning to 320 this evening. So I have come to the conculsion that something at work is making my asthma worse. Work dont have any irritants around me or animals so took those off. Not effected by pollon (but have IgE) so I think it could be hte humidity we dont have air con just one fan between a the main desk and back office so still very stuffy and dont know where to go from here I dont wnat to be forced out of work and cant afford more time off!

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Hi Bizkid

Do your employers have an occupational health department that you can be referred to?

Do you think having a fan nearer to your desk would help? Maybe you could speak to your manager and explain that you find it humid and stuffy, and that having a fan closer would be helpful, and hopefully stop you from having to take more time off when you've only just gone back to work.

I hope you can sort something out


I do have occy health and they seen me however I got told I need to consider if my job it suitable offered to move me to the supermarket on site which is even worse! And i always going to have more time off than everyone else as new one on me ""fragile"" I do nab the fan and put it near me however it helps when I am sitting there but with my job I have to get up and walk around and go to different parts so dont often say in the same spot for more than a few minutes. I am going to speak to the disability adviser at the job center and see about what they can do.... but this could take a while!


Bizkid sounds like u got understanding employers. Maybe u could ask for more fans to be placed about the place. My employer has made token gestures nothing more, asked when will my asthma be gone. Now wanting perfect attendance


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