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Heartlands or Brompton?


I have been struggling with my asthma for the past two years, and my consultants have finally decided that they can't offer me any more, and that my main care needs to be handed over to a specialist centre. One of my consultants has suggested Birmingham Heartlands and the other Royal Brompton, my main consultant has said the choice is mine. It would be easier for me to travel to Heartlands, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me which is supposedly 'better'? or which they would choose?

thank you


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There are alot of messages on here about both places.

I have never been but if you look on some of the general and medical pages im sure you will find out alot about them and replies of others Glynis xxx



I can only comment on one, which is Heartlands as its the only one ive been treated at, and to say that they turned my life around with their different approach to dealing with my attacks is an understatement, however that was in the days when Pro Ayres was there so cant speak from ""now"" knowldege but I am sure that his replacement will be equally as good as I am sure Brompton are too as they both have outstanding reputations.




I have been treated at the Brompton years ago when I lived in London, they did a lot of tests and seemed really good but wasn't under them for long.

I am now under Heartlands after my asthma went down hill almost 4 years ago, they have tried loads of different treatment and seem to never give up with new ones to try. They have good asthma nurses there who are always on the end of the phone for advice. I would say both hospitals have their pros and cons and probably as good as each other so maybe go with which is closer to avoid excess travel!

Feel free to pm me if you want more info, heartlands has a web page severe and brittle asthma unit, google it.


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