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Is it my dog's fault? Is there a way to find out?

I have had my dog for about 6 years now, but my adult onset asthma only really developed about 5 years ago. It was never trouble, and only seasonal, but over the last two years it has got steadily worse.

Is there a way to work out if my pet is to blame in some way? Sorry if that sounds like a stupid question, but was just wondering if you can get blood tested for allergies or whatnot?

I don't want to send my dog to live with my mother unless I am sure that it is in fact a contributing factor to my worsening condition.

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Hi Tio Pepe, (great name, I love Tio Pepe, ice cold from the fridge... or did before I became allergic to it!)

You can have blood tests (RAST test) or skin prick tests for dog allergy - but neither of these are 100% reliable. The best way to get a good idea of whether it is a problem would be to go and stay somewhere else for a couple of weeks, and see if you improve (not much use sending the dog elsewhere for a couple of weeks to see, as your home will remain contaminated with things doggie for a while).

There are things you can do to reduce the allergenicity of your dog - regular bathing and combing help, and I believe there may be a spray you can spray on your dog to help, too. I'm sure one of the more doggy people on here will be able to advice more.

In general, studies seem to suggest that even if you have a proven allergy, most people's symptoms don't improve if they give up their pets - the theory is that we seem to develop tolerance to our own animals.

Hope this helps

Em H


Tio Pepe, (or can we call you Sherry?)

Are you allergic to cats, do you find that if visiting a house where cats reside, you have reactions.

The reason I ask this that most people who have allergic reactions to pets, often have the most severe reactions to cats.


Cat and dog allergy are separate things, caused by separate allergens, so non-allergy to cats doesn't necessarily mean that you are not allergic to dogs. I am fairly allergic to cats and not at all to dogs, and I know people who are the opposite way around.

Allergies are mysterious things, and difficult to predict!



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