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What's your tipping point??

Hey guys,

Just had to phone in work and wheeze at them that I'm not coming in, and got me thinking... what's everyone's clue that they're not going to be well enough for work/school??

I'm not talking about the clues that tell you that the men in green are required, nor the clues that suggest you'll be staying at costa for a patch, but the clues that suggest pred may be needed and you ought not to be leaving the house.

For me, the clue is whether or not I'm still tight once I'm up, showered and breakfasted. If I can't do the stairs twice in ten minutes without getting tight and spluttery, i'm out.

Damn this weather!!

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For me generally its when feeling tired and achy, chest is tight with a hacking cough and peak flow plummets... Also tend to know I will have a problem when allergic reaction or cold/flu starts.


i tend to try ang go to work... I think that has been a big problem in the past. Now I would say if after a couple of nebs things not feeling right then I am not going anywhere as I now know from past experience that things go down hill fast!


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