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does anyone else's asthma get triggered by changes in temperatures, even inside? my house is always really really warm downstairs & a fair bit cooler upstairs, found that going upstairs can trigger it recently. >.> has anyone else found that this happens with them? before it used to be going from been warm to freezing outside, not warm, to been slightly cooler upstairs.

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  • I've had that too, we've got a big extension on our house, which, being more modern and having lower ceilings, heats up more quickly it also has better insulation so it retains heat better than the rest of the house. That temperature difference has triggered my asthma in the past. I think we've managed to balance it now by turning some of the radiators down, but it's less of a problem anyway in the summer when the central heating is off. Other annoying temperature related triggers include opening the dishwasher while it's still warm and opening the oven door, I also hate the chilled and frozen sections of supermarkets because they trigger symptoms too.

  • yes I struggle with changes of temp find hot to cold the hardest whether indoors or out. I also find anywhere too artifically hot impossible...have to turn heating down and open windows I am anyone that feels the cold worst nightmare.

  • I find warm-cold or vice versa tends to set off my cough - was especially bad in the winter going from outdoors to indoors. Cold dry air on its own is bad for breathing, though bizarrely also hot and steamy isn't great!

    Not really temperature changes so much but ever since this pseudo-asthma...thing or whatever is wrong with me got worse I've found I feel the cold a lot more! I used to be one of those annoying people who ran around in 1 layer in the winter and hated being hot, now I always seem to be wearing more than other people I see, live in my big woolly cardigan at home even now it's June and really hate the cold!

    Perhaps I'm just getting old ;)

  • Oh yes, hot to cold has always been the worst but since my last difficult patch I'm finding that hot and humid is a nightmare - it feels like inhaling a wet flannel and I have to make a dash for fresh air. Heaven only knows what it looks like when I walk in through a door, look a bit startled and then turn round and bolt out straight away :)

  • I find going upstairs which in my house is much hotter can trigger problems. In fact the heat is always a problem so anyone coming to my house in the winter usually brings extra jumpers so that they do not freeze as I rarely have the heating on.

  • I find it is the extremes I have most trouble with. Either very hot or very cold. Inside and out. Also high humidity is bad for me.

  • Does anyone else find botanical gardens a problem then, with all the different atmospheres? Obviously the hot/humid greenhouses are going to be an issue judging by responses on here.

    But a few years ago I had to leave a greenhouse with a specially dry atmosphere because I couldn't breathe - and this was well before the recent bad patch, when I wasn't really having any problems - my childhood asthma had basically gone underground at that point except for the occasional episode when I had a bit of trouble, and I didn't really consider that I had asthma.

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