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worth asking gp about??

Went to alton towers yesterday, all was fine apart from slight cough on rollercoasters, chest had been best itd been in what felt like forever. Went on a rollercoaster about 430ish, & everything went massively downhill from there, apparently chest doesn't like 0-60mph in 2 seconds. Lol. Ended up coughing full way round it, was wheezing, SOB, tight in chest, mucus with cough, mum said I'd gone really pale & finger nails had gone purple , took about 16 doses of salbutamol(sp?) To sort it out at once , & about 8 afterwards spaced out. Had to use inhaler a couple of times in the car (was in it about 2hrs home), & everything was fine when I got in & went to bed. Went to bed, fell asleep pretty much straight away, woke up every hour or thereabouts with SOB & chest tightness, a few doses of salbuatamol fixed it up enough to be able to sleep. Got tightness across my shoulderblades at the minute but no other symptoms apart from that. Have to see gp tomorrow (friday) to get tapered back off pred, but not sure if its worth bringing up with not having many symptoms now I'm awake. Sorry about the rambliness of the thread & length of it. Would it be worth bringing it up or waiting & seeing how it goes?

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think you should have gone to hospital as soon as you got off the rollercoaster! You are asking for medical advice which we are not allowed to give please see your gp asap or if still having problems breathing go to your nearest a and e department.


Poor old you. I hope you're feeling better now, and not too tired/achey/shaky after such a difficult night.

I tend to speak to my GP about most things, but in this case I would already know the answer, as it's very clearly stated on my management plan, so I'd just be hoping for a different answer, which would be naughty of me! Do you have a management plan that you've worked out with your team so that you agree when to increase treatment, when to see your GP/nurse, when to head straight for hospital, and if you're admitted what your discharge criteria are? Not everyone has the same things on their management plans, and everyone is different, but I think that would be worth discussing with your GP if you don't have one. It's always nice to know what to do when things are not going well, even if you don't really like the answer!

Sending very best wishes


breathing WAS fine when I was awake, so wasnt sure if it'd be worth bringing it up when its only problematic when asleep, think im gonna end up at out of hours gp or something tonight, been asleep this afternoon & kept waking up with SOB & tightness, which doesnt seem to be eased with inhalers, got cough on top of it. think plan is to eat, check peak flow & go from there.


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