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Colds and the avoidance thereof

Anyone got any useful tips on avoiding catching colds (other than avoiding contact with all people which would be challenging!.

I have just had a dreadful Easter, got captured by the little green men in the big yellow bus on Saturday night and had something of a splat. Been struggling throughout the bank holiday weekend and that was sort of the grand finale - could really have done without it!

The prompt for all this drama and excitement was the fact that I caught a cold which sent my asthma into overdrive, has anyone got any herbal/vitamin/complementary therapy type stuff they swear by for not catching colds?

I'm really fed up - have missed Easter altogether and made some rather idiotic decisions whilst in an oxygen starved state.

Hope everyone else had a better Easter than me!!


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Hi Feejay, sorry no ideas but just to say hope you feel loads better soon.Had the same type of Easter, asthma on a mission but no cold.

Take care

Kate x



I've been taking Vit c 500mg and multi vit (Centrum) for over a year and have had less colds. Also I wash my hands a lot - when I come in from shopping, visiting, before cooking, after cleaning.. I'm sure it helps. I also use Tea Tree oil (rub it into my hands). You could also try Selenium (good for immune system) and Echinacea. (A relative who's a homeopathist told me to only buy top quality brands of Vitamins etc - not supermarket brands.) Having said that, my 12 yr old son takes supplements but still gets colds... Still, it's worth a try.

Good luck.


Hi Fee,have you had a flu jab?


Main thing is to try not get to run down

thats when we seem to get everything .love Glynis xxx


Can't have either of the flu jabs Glynis - had a nasty allergic reaction a few years back.


i have found ecchinacea to be great, went through a really bad period of having cold after cold after cold recently and was reccomended to try it to help stregnthen the immune system and *touches wood* i havnt had a cold since!


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