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Asthma causing me to feel very fed up - will there ever be any improvement

I am so fed up of my asthma this year is turning out to be just as bad a 2010 and 2011, I have only been back at work 10 days after my Christmas break and I have already ended up in A & E the other evening because of my asthma and chest infection and have been told to take Monday and Tuesday off work sick due to the severity of the asthma attack I had. I am on maximum dosages of my medications.

I just do not think my asthma will ever improve I suppose I will have to get used to that fact that this is how my asthma is going to be from now on.

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Virtual hugs, it sounds horrible.

I don't know if I can really help - I can't speak from experience of being this bad so apologies if this is complete rubbish or I sound like a stuck record and don't know what I'm on about! The only thing I've thought of - and sorry if you've already said this and I missed it - is are you under local consultants or a specialist centre? Just wondered whether, if you're not under a specialist centre, it's worth asking to be referred to one as they could take a fresh look and perhaps come up with a better plan?

Or perhaps if you are, you could get in touch and ask if they have any more ideas of what to do? Though you've probably thought of all this already!



When I was working the stress of trying to get back to work meant that I sometimes went back too early and would get ill again, I ended up off for 2 months and when i returned I was so much better for just re-charging my batteries but wasnt sensible after being off I pushed myself too far and ended up losing my job.... anyway what Im trying to say is sometimes coping with stress better and the mental health side anxiety etc can have an impact.

Try non drug management steps even if you try and fail, its better to have tired.


Hi asthmagirl,

I have not been back at work since before Xmas. You are not very well and coping with asthma is bad enough without the worry of work. I have come to the conclusion that I can't do my job if I can't breath and my bosses wouldn't want me there if I am not fully fit. Try not to worry and take each day as it comes.

Keep smiling xx


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