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Hi people did you know that if your on benifts you can get a medic alert bracelet and if your not they are only around 25 pound ive just got one and its a weight off your shoulders beleive me it has everything on it ie your next of kin your health problem and a phone number to phone with your details of emergency treatment and medication come on people it sounds so sensible best wishes

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Hi Kerry - anne,

Yes, I have a medic alert - invaluable for us Brittle and the non brittle asthmatics too! I am on benefits but pay for it anyway out of DLA money.

Thanks for highlighing it again.



Hi kerry-anne

I have one of these too, been wearing it for 3 years now and just replaced it for the first time as it needed up dating. It's definitely a weight off my mind as I have severe allergies as well as asthma and the bracelet and info card has been used a few times by paramedics and doctors in a + e. I got mine funded by Medic Alert as I'm a student and recieve DSA.

Sparkly Fairy


life saver

I dont think id ever like to be court short without my medic alert bracelt now I dont know how I got this far without it. The amount of times ive been in hospital and struggled to tell the drs my history and meds ect. I didnt even know about Medic Alert until i got the internet a couple of weeks ago. Have any of you been advised by a GP or any other medical proffesinal to get Medic Alert. No medical proffesional has ever even mentioned it before. If it wasnt for asthma uk and there team id still be struggerling everytime I went to hospital or in an emergency else were.Notices should be in GP surgeries and Hospitals ect. Am i moaning or do you agree Medic alert could save someones life and probbably already has saved thousands so why arnt they shouted about. Sorry for going on and on. Best wishes to you all xxxxx


what should actually be on the braclet as i am goin to get a new one...

obv ...



allergies .... bt is that it?


Katielou, it has the very basic and most important information on it for example:

Severe Asthmatic

Steroid Dependant


Penicillin aspirin

When you order yours you give them much fuller information including all your medication who your hospital is, your next of kin and how they can be contacted. The bracelet also has unique number on it. Medical teams can call medic alert people (that telephone number is on it too) and quote your number and get access to all the information. You are also sent a little credit card sized card with more info on it to keep in your purse. I would advise you only put allergies that might be a problem in A&E on there, for example if you were allergic to penicillin and unable to tell them that is useful information or if you are allergic to say aminophyllin then again that is important. You don't need to list all your food, house dust mite animal allergies on there :)

I always wear mine, if were to rely on putting on only when going out I might forget. It is really there for if I go off big time and am unable to reach my protocol and speak for myself, it gives the paramedics and ER staff some clue about your condition. I only need the small ""free"" one but if you are diabetic or have many allergies they might recommend the larger on. I went for the wrist bracelet on the grounds they are bound to look at my wrists to gets gases and try and stick a line in but it is up to you. Give the nice people at medic alert a call they are really helpful and will advise what is best for you.



Kerry-Anne my GP recommended that I got a medic alert bracelet the first time I was prescribed an epi-pen for my allergies and I do know lots of people who have them. What I think there is a lack of awareness about is the fact that Medic Alert will fund bracelets for those on low income and that they are also a charity and rely on regular donations, particularly last year when their office space was flooded out! It definitely is a life saver and I feel lost without mine, I never take it off!

Katielou as Bex said the bracelet should just contain basic info. For example mine says:


Anaphylaxis: food colouring, domperidone

Carries: adrenaline

The wallet card is also very very useful in a + e when too breathless to give lots of details, though it's sometimes worth having a few photocopies of it because nurses can have the habit of wandering off with them!


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