Introducing myself

Hi everyone

I've just joined as I am newly diagnosed with asthma, although I do feel a bit of a fraud as it is very mild and only troubles me very occasionially mostly in the form of a prolonged cough following a chest infection. I am in my 50s and my mother developed asthma at a similar age so there is a suggestion that it is hormone-linked but don't mention the M word!

My bigger claim to fame is that I am the mother of EmilyH, and so I already know quite a lot about asthma in its various forms. (and what I don't know she fills me in on, she's such a doctor at times!)

I am a secondary Maths teacher in a comprehensive, and so am on holiday at present, so if anyone wants to reply to say hi, I have plenty of time to do answers.

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  • Not sure if that is a claim to fame or infamy...

    Hi mum! Do be good and try not to embarrass me too much.

    Em xxx

  • Classic!! Em..mum's were made to embarrass!

    Seriously..welcome to the boards and hello!


  • hi and welcome,

    im sure your mum wouldn't embarrass you Em!! :-)

    i never embarrass my kids,lol


    mel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Welcome EmilyH's Mum. I am sorry to hear about your asthma late onset must be so scary! On a plus note you have one hell of a daughter in Emily, I am not sure how I would remain sane (ok for that you might want to read mildly mad) without her. She has already PM'd me and told me not to ask about ambarressing stories of her childhood so don't post them here, however you can always PM them to me :)


  • Welcome Em's mum.

    We'll look after you on here.

    Maybe you could start your own thread called EmH's most embarrasing moments just to cheer us all up in times of boredom!!!!

  • Err, I think not!

    Cathy, is there anything in the Terms and Conditions about not embarrassing one's daughter? If not, could we perhaps get something put in?

  • Sorry Em, no - if you speak *very* nicely to webed you may get it included. Although if you do, it may preclude my own mum ever becoming a member here (she also has late-onset asthma).

    Hello, DragonLady, and a very warm welcome to AUK.


    (Moderator, Brum medic and general all-round bonkers woman)

  • My mum has late onset too although she thinks I am a very sensible person, she has not (I hope) found her way here to torment me.


  • shall I resist the temptation to embarrass my eldest, or shall I gleefully succumb...although in actually fact, she was quite a well behaved her sister, Charlotte, that's a different story.

  • Dragonlady (you can't be a dragon really) I have met Em several times and I refuse to beleive she was a well behaved child, or maybe she is just making up for being well bahaved as child by being totally outragous now :)


  • Bex, that is slander! I am a model of good behaviour, am well respected doctor-type, don't you know.

    Will not be bringing you champagne or chocs in hospital again!

  • Emily, don't tell fibs, it's naughty, you are not a model of good I am sure Alex would agree, you can be quite outrageous and you are as mad as a fish. (Oh, is calling someone that infringing the guidelines, maybe it's okay for me as I am her mother)

  • Ah, no, Em it's ""libel"" - written word, rather than spoken. Trust me, I have just been debating that fact with Mr PeakSteve...

  • I like the phrase ""mad as a fish"". I also like ""mad as a box of frogs"". Yes, you are allowed to call your own daughter nuts, mine does all the time...

  • Ahem the technical term for Emh is mad as toast! I know I have met her.


  • Ps it is libel, I could give you chapter and verse on internet libel as know more that is healthy for anyone (not been involved but admin in site where it is an issue quite a lot)


  • I knew it was libel really, I just like the sound of the word slander more! It's got more of a ring to it...

    Bex calling *me* mad as toast... that has a ring of Ms Pot talking to Dr Kettle to me...

  • Dragonlady, hi and welcome, sorry to read you also have been diagnosed with asthma i am sure, you like Emily, will become a valued member here. may i just take this opportunity to say how wonderful your daughter is. But i guess you already know how special she is .


  • You guys are too kind. It is nice to feel valued, thank you!

  • Hi Dragonlady and welcome. You have one fantastic daughter. She is so helpful whenever she can be. Hope to enjoy reading your posts soon. My mum is in her late 50's and has just been diagnosed with mild asthma. Take Care Nikki xx

  • Hello EmH's Mummy, and a huge and warm welcome to you. Am sorry that you have developed late onset asthma, its scary and not something you expect - doziness and hot flushes are one thing but wheeziness is something else. Think i may have the 'm' word too but we won't go down that road.

    You have a very, very lovely daughter she is a cornerstone of AUK, she is a star. She is a mine of information but more than that she supports and cares for us all, you must be a very proud Mummy. PeakSteve and CathBear look after us all too and protect us from pesky interlopers with hidden agendas. In short you have joined a very friendly and supportive community which you will have a special place in both as you and as EmH's Mummy.

    Hope you are enjoying the school holidays - September is starting to loom, my husband is a headteacher and he has started going in 2 and half days a week instead of just one which is a good sign that the hols are coming to an end. Have you been away yet? We are going the week after next, am sooo looking forward to it. Have been doing lots of overtime to cover holidays and sickness. Hope you feel very welcome and enjoy the rest of your holidays, take good care, Lois

  • Thank you so much to everyone so far for making me feel so welcome. In reply to Lois, yes I have been away, my partner Steve & I went to Crete which was lovely. I went into school for the first time today, A level results day and will be back again next week for GCSE results, see how my little dears have done.

  • Hello Dragonlady and welcome, though I'm sure you know all about us from EmH already. Just to add to the general gushing about your daughter, she's great! Thanks for giving the world such a special person :o) Now, aside from that, I hope you find us helpful here for yourself too, and will feel supported with your own diagnosis and life with asthma.

    Again, welcome.


  • Hello Emily's Mummy and .... a belated welcome to the mad house!

    Emily is one fantastic person!

    Take care both of you




    (one mad botanistic purple penguin!)

  • Hi Em's mum and welcome to AUK :-) and there isnt anything else to say about how great Emily is that hasnt already been said, so ditto everything !!! :-)

  • Hello EmH's mum.

    Welcome to AUK.

    You must be very proud of EmH. Talk about a wise head on young shoulders!

    I totally agree with the suggested relationship between the 'M' word and asthma.

    My paternal grandmother suffered from asthma as does my niece (only girl on both sides of the family)

    Those hormones, - either coming or going - have a lot to answer for!



  • I have come back after a while, due to poor health etc.

    Love Carole x

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