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Hey any advise from Anaphalaptic Allergies

Hi all

I've spoken to some of you already. As i suffer brittle asthma and allergies. I have a new allergy and after alot of headscratching at a&e I was looking for a little more advise- just advise as to how to stay in control and keep calm at the moment.

I'm exhausted. Can I apologise for my spelling errors in advance. I'v been up most of the night after eating a jam dohnut- yesterday at around 11am. within minutes I was choking and could no longer catch my breath. My drs is 5 minutes away and after more coughing fits and a swallon mouth I was given a shot of adrenline and anti heastimine.

I'm a bit over whelmed - infact I'm very over whelmed I have never gasped for breath to the point I am choking to death.

And I'm a little displeased with all the head scratching. I got sent home after waiting for an epi pen I

waas told not to have any more anti haestimine and to shoot myself with the pen if in doubt - which is an awful feeling but hey it works!

I then went home to settle and woke up at 1 am with blisters and swelling!!!!!!! Went back to hospital and was told the anti haestimine had worn off. I got seen to and given injections and then completely swelled and gasped for breath again. I was told I know carrie. They was clearly waiting for the medicine to kick in- but I am and was petrified.

I'm still a little swallon and concerned as all I can seem to do is wait and see if the dreaded blisters come back and off I will go again- its scary. Just while I wait for my specialist to call me back

Thanks for listening

Carrie xxxx


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