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have i got asthma

Well i recently had chest problems,

Bad wheezing,hard to breath,coughing clear mucus,my stomach sometimes hurts,

I went to the doctors i was so mutch iut of breath i could not talk,it was a nurse practionar.

She gave me like a big glass bowl with some spray stuff in to breath a while,that did help a bit,

She then prescribed antibiotics,a blue inhalor and steroids,

Every day now i get very wheezy short of breath and often can only speak 2/3 words when i am wheezy.

She didnt say if it was asthma or not,so i am not sure.

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You will need to ask your GP or go back to the nurse you saw to ask this question as they will have your full history and will be qualified to make a diagnosis one way or the other.


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