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Ref: Response from Omron UK about my Omron MicroAir Problem

As promised I would let all those who were interested Omron UK's response in respect of the intermittent stop and starting with my Omron MicroAir. Tests have shown that whilst the Mesh Cap was in good working order, that the contacts under the medication unit had some corrosion, which was causing the problem with the flow etc. This could have been dealt with by servicing I have since been informed, but since this last MicroAir was just 4 months old and the problem had been occurring for much of that time, I still feel disappointed after having previously owning an excellent long serving MicroAir.

I have explained to Omron today via telephone call about my previous post on this forum and how some others have had difficulties too. Omron are a little disappointed that I have experienced these difficulties and have informed me that should any of those you feel you need to discuss your own issues with the Omron MicroAir please get in touch.

My Point of Contact Was:

Kate Panter, Office Manager, Omron UK, Telephone Number 0870 7502771.

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more widespread problems with Omron MicroAir?

I am wondering if this is a general problem with the Omron MicroAir U22. I've had the same experience as Katina in that our daughter used the previous Omron model MicroAir NE-U03 for years without a hitch -- a great little machine. However, we thought it might be time to switch to a new nebuliser and bought the U22 in July of 2011. Since then we have had nothing but trouble and have had to fall back on the old NE-U03, which luckily keeps going like the Energizer bunny. The new machine has been back to Omron (Germany, where we live) for service twice already; they also sent us a new mesh. However, even when following conscientiously all instructions on using and cleaning, we have not been able to get the machine to operate reliably. It is quite frustrating and, in my view, dangerous in a contraption that is supposed to help with asthma attacks.


HI Asthma Dad

Without a doubt there is a problem with this machine, I have spoken to others who use it, and like us some with older Omron Microairs are fine, but the new ones do have a fault. The new users assumed in some cases that this fault was normal! I have gone back to a Pari Boy, the traditional compressor type!


for those who don;t want to pay premium rate calls, then this is an alternative number for omron 01908 258285

On a seperate note, Pari are not without fault, my partner has had 3 batteries fail on her Mobile S and I've had words with Pari who didn't question it when i mentioned this, also the previous model had faults with batteries, the lady I spoke to said as much but not specifically.



i have been having stop start problems, my husband phoned omron who told him to phone Evergreen whom we had purchased it from!

So he did! They said there was a simple solution! You have to clean the electrodes on the bottom of the medication bottle with a small pointy nail file. we did this on 2 that we have we have had a good response from 1, but not so good with the other, so have a go, but 1 is allot older than the other!

I hope this is of help to others!



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