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So Angry about local MP/Employment Support Allowance

Like so many of you I am worried sick about the new changes to those receiving Sickness and Disability Benefits. Looking at information I have researched online I see deep flaws in the way the new medical assessments are going to be conducted. So with this in mind I wrote to my local MP Jesse Norman to ask not why his government has decided to do this (I agree with the theory) but why so far so many people who really cannot work are pursuing appeals after failing the new assessment. I have my own answer already, the work capability assessment is flawed, people cannot be put into boxes, illnesses and disabilities don't work like that.

Personally I believe the tests should be conducted on how your illness/disability affects you environmentally, meaning any limitations/difficulties you encounter in your daily life.

Today I received both letters from my MP and Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP Minster for Employment. Both letters alone were insulting in that they couldn't even spell my name, and of course both contained the usual clap trap and political speak and answered none of my questions.

What I want from you guys is your response to this issue, sensible questions and worries please in bullet point form so that I can comply these into a questionnaire for this Friday 10th December. Deadline Thursday night, so I have time on Friday to do this.

Finally to those of you interested in seeing the response I have so far please email me with your email address and I will send you a copy.

Cheers Katina (and they both couldn't spell that either).

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• How are they going to assess asthma it's a variable condition, we are advised to exercise on good days, will anyone seen doing so be classed as fraudulent?

• What it you have your tests on a good asthma day, to they go off this rather than medical reports?

• How will employers support staff with a variable condition needing time off work?

• When are they going to make sure that the disability discrimination law is enforced?

I was bullied out of my last job when I asked for help (no I didn't ask for them to spend money, just asked to try working in another room). I didn't walk away without a fight but it became crystal clear to me the law didn't really mean anything and employers didn't have to follow it.


This is going to be a dificult one me thinks! Yes, it is flawed in the way they are asking the questions.

Currently, there is no way I can work full time, much as I would like to.

I am currently doing what is called Permitted work. I wonder if they are going to play around with that one too? My work makes me feel valued and is extremely flexible too!

I have also just posted a link to the DLA reform consulation!



I had my assessment for the ESA last week, the assessor asked if I knew why I was there etc. I merely said in my opinion I was there to waste my time as judging on all of what I had read in the past few months no one gives a damn about asthmatics, I know full well you will chuck me of the ESA so here I am waiting for you to chuck me off it. Needless to say he couldnt say a great deal to that as its the simple truth. Anyway I had had a bad few days leading up to the appt, on the day woke up feeling fine just typical. Was asked to do my peak flow and promptly went into a huge attack. They ended up having to stop the assessment and send me home (they paid for a cab so generous). Whats the betting even though he has seen just how easy and having been told it dont take much to make my lungs very angry I will get a letter through dumping me of ESA. Then the struggle to find work begins. Hmmm who is going to employ me, I was in and out of hospital last year and even when not I have days and days where I feel lousy what boss will take the gamble and employee me. Think we all know the answer NONE. The mps are a waste of space.


I'm dreading the time when they will swap all of us still on incapcity benefit over to ESA. Incapcity benefit just seems so much more simpler. Hopefully won't be soon!


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