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When did doing the hoovering become so difficult?

I've just spent the past 20 minutes hoovering the upstairs of the house and I am now KNACKERED and have needed an extra puff of the Symbicort to sort me out (5th extra puff of the day on top of the 3 regular ones I would've taken by now). I still have the downstairs and the stairs to do.

It seems so ridiculous to think that at 29 years old something so simple as hoovering the house can be so difficult.

Gah. *mutter mutter grumble mutter*

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Yes it is depressing, have had the same problem in the past. I tend to find that hoovering is one of the worst parts of housework for me when my asthma is bad, closely followed by hanging out the washing!


hey piglet

I dread hoovering, partly because i always break the hoover! and partly because it leave me so out of breath, it might be something to do with all the dust being stirred up, but whatever the reason is it always takes me ages to, i usually get the hubby to do now!



Oh yes, hoovering is evil! I couldn't really do it last year when totally uncontrolled as it would have meant at least a day flat on my back, and even now I'm reluctant. (It didn't help that we had the world's most useless hoover thanks to the inept agent).


Hi piglet!

I'm with lejaya on this one, my hubby does it as the dust amd exertion combined is guaranteed to set my asthma off.

All I can say is that a couple of weeks ago it took me 2 days to clean my bathroom due to asthma, today, it took 20 minutes!

Make sure you keep resting, boring as it is, it does help.



stop now - do downstairs tomorrow please. you dont want to make yourself too bad.

i would agree that hoovering is worst, and agree that hanging the washing is next worse (jarred my shoulder so reaching is harder at present), even walking round the small local supermarket is tiring and requires releiver help and if not releiver at least a arm of a friend to support the body and help carry the basket. i often (at present with having a bad asthma patch) take a trolley even when i'm not doing enough shopping to need it so i can rest against it and am not exerting myself carrying basket.

i agree when did doing daily activities of living get so hard and when when when is is going to get better???????????

i second the mutter grumble mutter (if we had the breath!)

take care and rest now please xx ><>


I ended up stopping, and I'll do downstairs tomorrow. Upstairs really needed doing today as one of the cats tipped the litter tray over on the landing (with the special expensive litter the vet gave us to try and collect a pee sample in it) so I had to deal with that.

I've not worked since August, so we're working me up to being fully functional. I now have 3 tasks per day to do. Hoovering downstairs (and the stairs) will be one of tomorrow's.

Frustrating, isn't it?


Spiritedstream, I do the same, use a trolley to lean on and have only a few things in it. I used to be self-conscious when I was in my 20's doing it but now I just do it automatically when I am struggling that day.

Piglet, I find housework the hardest thing to do when I am struggling, I was doing it in 5 minute installments when I was most out of control and rest for as long as I needed. So frustrating!


I've done that with the trolley too!

I get cross when housework makes me feel rubbish. It seems such a waste when you have very little energy for things. If I'm going to be knackered and breathless I want it to be from something fun, not housework (you can read into that what you will ;))


Recently taken up the ""trolley lean"" technique, thought I was thr only one! Lol

In my local tescos they have a couple of the mobility scooters with baskets on for people to use, if I didn't think I'd get told to get off I have considered it!!! He he he


I remember a few years ago when I thought that I was having a good day so would vacuum and clean the bathroom carpeting. I managed to vacuum all right but then had to fill the carpet washer and fix the hose etc. When my husband came home hours later he found me sitting on the bathroom floor in floods of tears because I just couldn't manage it. I had not even got as far as starting to shampoo the damn thing! I felt so useless and stupid for not even being able to finish so simple a job. Now I pace myself and my lovely husband does all the housework and I do the cooking and the laundry.....sounds good but just filling the machine and ironing as little as I can get away with it isn't exactly a fair exchange! We just have to go with the flow! If the flow is going against us just give up and rest as much as possible that has become my new motto. Mind you I am ancient!!! x


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