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Young, and not being listened to by GP?


If you are young, or older, and you feel you are not being listened to, or 'fobbed off' by your GP/Nurse then make a stand! Do not let them feel like you are wasting their time - it is their job to listen and treat you.

If you need to then make a complaint to the practise manager, take in a strong willed adult/family member/friend that will push them until something is sorted for you.

You have the right to be treated and not rushed in your appointment, on average you get ten minutes with your GP and longer with the Nurse, so dont have them push you out the door in 3 minutes.

If it helps write everything down, show them a video diary when you are at your worst, make them listen and help you.

If i live near any of you who feel this way i will happily come stand up for you and get you what you need, i did it for myself and now i have the breath and energy i want to do it for others!

Good luck to all of you, if you need any help with complaint letters or just a general chat on how to talk to your GP just ask me.

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Thats really well said and I agree that if you need treatment and are getting pushed out the door then you need to fight for the correct treatment. Im one of the lucky ones and have a great GP and the other GPs Ive also seen at the practice are just as good. Its a shame this is happening to people elsewhere xx


The only thing you could do is really keep on at your gp about your referral.

To be honest, it sounds like your gp is doing all he can to try getting the app with cons sorted. But the cons is perhaps in no position to be able to see you yet. Yep it sucks

Could you ask your gp to refer you to a cons at another hosp?

Sorry i cant really see any other solution to this prob.

Hope you manage to get sorted soon.


You're so right. When your asthma is giving you a hard time and you've had to drag yourself to see your GP you don't have the energy left to stand up for yourself when you're not being listened to, so this is good advice. It's just a shame that so many people need to take it.


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