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Success finally ... well sort of!!!

Hi All,

I've finally had some good(ish) news .. I've finally had my appointment with the Asthma Specialist at Wythenshaw, Dr Niven and he & his team are amazing. Really lovely people who seem to genuinely care and want to help get the problem sorted out.

I'm being sent for a CAT scan, allergy testing, lung function and full set of blood tests (also checking my immune system is functioning properly). I get to see a counciler at each visit if I want to and she is amazing, really lovely. They actually took the time to listen to me and Dr Niven said he noticed there was already a problem with my breathing by just watching me during the appointment ... OMG! I'm finally gtting somewhere.

Dr Niven mentioned that he could tell that the muscles around my lungs where not functioning together which could be causing some of my problems; also he thinks that my Ulcerative Colitus may be causing someother problems with my chest. Has anyone ever heard of the lung muscle thing before??? I was in shock that I was actually getting somewhere as was my fella that we both just kind of said 'oh OK' whereas normally we would have asked loads of questions LOL!!

I'm still suffering badly from depression and my breathing has got so bad now that I can't walk very far at all now, so I've now got a wheelchair courtesy of my great parents ... it even matches my walking stick - bright metallic red! :-) Hopefully I will be able to get out and about more with the wheelchair instead of being stuck in the house or being able to have trips out to the Trafford Centre or Supermarkets - basically places where we would get loan of a wheelchair.

Well I've finally got something positive to aim at and a Consultant & team who actually want to get me better.

Hope everyone is well

Jilly xxx

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Hi Jilly,

That's great news! It's always so good when you finally get someone who listens and really tries to get to the bottom of things. I know you can't cure depression just by 'thinking positive' but I hope the feeling that you may get somewhere with Dr Niven and his team does help a bit - and of course that they come up with some solutions soon. I've not been stuck inside and with so many problems as you but I also felt so relieved when at my last appt I got really lucky by chance and ended up with a really good consultant who could and did take a lot of time to listen. Like you I thought of loads of questions afterwards because during the appt I was too busy being amazed that someone was listening properly!

Also good news about the wheelchair - not fun to be stuck in one but at least for the moment it gives you a bit more autonomy. Hope you can get rid of it soon though.

Re the lung muscles thing - I don't know much about it but have just remembered my second cons mentioned it as something she wanted to test me for, and this was done alongside all the usual (and some less usual) lung function tests.


fantastic news MooMoo,Keep your chin up duck and getting out in your chair will help.Lol xxx


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