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Exercise Induced Asthma

Hi, I'm new to this but I wondered if anyone could help me. I've been asthmatic all my life, and I've recently taken up jogging. Today I found myself at the mercy of my asthma and could not complete my rather easy course (which has left me more than a little frustrated). If anyone has any ideas, or tips to help keep my asthma at bay I'd really appreciate it.

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Are you taking Montelucast(singulair) that is for Exercise induced Asthma ?

if not ,might be worth asking your doc or asthma nurse ,love glynis

ps, use your reliever at least ten mins before and during running etc xxx


I have EIA but am lazy so don't have any tips for running, however Montelukast has done wonders for me so would agree with Glynis to ask if you haven't already tried it.


Hi there and welcome to the site. I am into running, infact thats how I was diagnosed with asthma last year. As the others have said, Singulair/montelukast is advised for EIA, it def helped me too. Other suggestions I've been given are; warm up slowly inside if possible, in cold weather cover your mouth to warm the air before going in your lungs, where possible breathe in through your nose as this warms the air more than mouth breathing, stop when you lungs tell you to! Also make sure you take 2 puffs of ventolin before you start (dont know if youre meant to but I find 4 puffs is more effective) also if you take a preventer with a LABA in it (ie Seretide/sybicort/fostair) take that before you run if you run on a night/evening

I am currently feeling your frustration as my running has been put on hold due to my asthma although I'm trying to slowly get back into it. Hope this helps, good luck with the running and feel free to PM me xxx


Hello and welcome. My trigger is also exercise - I have never been able to run but have only recently been diagnosed. I have reached the point now with medications working properly I am exploring new activities. I am already a keen and regular horse rider but have just started an evening class in Alexander Technique to see if it will help my breathing, my posture needs help too when not in the saddle! Also going to try Zumba for a few weeks with the GPs blessing. He has given me all the advice about taking my Ventolin in advance and has recommended sticking at it for at least 6 weeks to see if it improves my fitness levels. Will report back when I have been a few times! Hope you can continue with your chosen activity and that it eventually improves your lung health, but in the meantime don't overdo it! Do talk to your GP about what happened.



Hi, I run quite alot and have been struggling recently and not sure why. I went to my GP and he just said to keep using my ventolin. I find that some days I can run for miles and other days (like the last few) can barely start off before I'm puffing away on my ventolin. I just give up on those days and try again when I'm feeling better, although it is very frustrating as my mind is telling me to keep fit and my body is telling me no way!!


Thank you!!!

Thank you soo much for your replies, they have given me some ideas. I am going to speak to my doctor about my new hobby.

Thank you again for all your posts, you're fab! :D xxx


as well as all the other excellent advice on here i thought i'd give you my ideas

when i first started running i chose a 2.5 mile flat circular circuit for my route. On my very first training session i ran for 1 minute and walked for 5 minutes all the way round, i did suffer for a couple of days afterwards but perservered with the training - each week if i felt up to it i would either increase the running time or decrease the walking time until i was able to do the full circuit in one go (timing running v walking also gives you something else to think about and i found it took my mind off my wonky breathing a bit - until the end LOL)

Anyway the point of this rambling is that is does get easier but i found you have to work through the very difficult early bits, i can now run 4-5k relatively easily and i'm intending doing the 10k reindeer run near me on the last sunday in november :-)


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