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Travel insurance for asthmatics

Hi guys

Anyone else having a nightmare trying to get travel insurance or know of any useful websites or companies that will offer a reasonable rates? Im 22 and am so limited travel wise because I either cant get insured or they are asking in the thousands for a simple 7 day trip. thanks

ps. tried but they wanted £1600 for 8 days. seems a little steep!

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have you tried the post office for their travel insurance. it is always a problem for travel insurance with asthma especially if you ahve been in and out of hospital. if you get a goodone let us know.



Hi Olive

Thanks, yea I've tried, they dont really consider those with 'preexisting medical conditions'. Ive even looked on sites specifically designed for this and they seem to only offer extautionate prices! Im at a bit of a loss! :S


Try Direct Line - they insured me when I had been in hospital 14 times inside 12 months and was on nearly every drug known to man. I am sure it was under £200 for two weeks in Europe for 3 of us.

Good luck and hope you get to have a good holiday



thanks maxine.

seems all a bit hopeless as I planned a holiday to Mexico which they wont even consider. I went to prague earlier in the year and managed to get insurance for 144 for 4 days but Ive had multiple ITU admissions all my life and also am on every drug known to man. If I knew I could just wait a year or two and then Id have a clear run at going Id wait but I know that this is the way its gonna be for me for the forseeable future and theres not a heck of a lot I can do about it so just takin the bull by the horns and hoping I can find someone to insure me so that I can live my life a bit and stop waiting for it to go away!


Post office do have a medical screening - you have to pay an escess but I have got cover with them OK Phone them and see. You may have to pay more than me with ITU admissions - I have avoided that recently.



I hope I'm allowed to post a link:

.. has a section about travel insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions. There's also a link to a forum where people have posted their experiences/successes with different insurers.


If you are looking for a one off trip the post office is good. Unique is incredibily expensive isn't it!

However, my boyfriend has a bank account with Lloyds and has just upgraded it so he gets free travel insurance for me and him. You do have to pay for the account but considerably less than it costs for one weeks holiday! We were shocked when the details said they would insure anyone with asthma/ anaphylaxis etc- we even rung them to check! So they will insure you regardless of how many times you have been in hospital!. Other banks might have similar offers.


thanks everyone. Ill let you know if I have any success!


Just a quick warning about banks own inclusive holiday insurance. I suspect you will need to have paid for the whole trip using that account/card. Also you need to be named on the account not just an additional card holder (credit cards only).




Forgot to add last night .... head a bit fuzzy..

The specialist insurance companies charge a fortune because they deal with a smaller more exclusive ( eg chronically sick / disabled ) group of people.

With the bigger more main stream companies, there is a bigger number of clients to absorb the costs. Hence Post office is good value and also anyone else who is underwritten by Fortis insurance brokers.

Good luck & hope you can get to Mexico!



I was also wondering if the post office would be the best as i want to take my kids to eurodisney this year. Is that going to be a huge problem??


I had this issue recently, and found that quotes differed by, literally, thousands. The post office wouldn't insure me to go to the US for 2 months because I am being seen by a hospital consultant. (Note, they might well have insured me if I was going for less time). I haven't claimed on them, so I don't want to comment on how good they are, but in the end I went for Insure and Go. I spent hours and hours researching quotes on the phone... I posted a similar topic a while ago, and tried all the recommendations given, and found that (for my answers to the screenings) Insure and Go to be the cheapest. Their year long policy was only a few quid more than what I needed for a long single trip. I really can't comment on whether they are actually any good at paying out however. If I do bother to get around to claiming back a doctors visit/drugs I'll let you know how good they were.


travel insurance


There is an article on the main website.

dated 24th Jan 05 Fairer deal for travel cover.

Ive known a couple people used the service.Heath Labert Affinity Partnerships 01603828240 open sat am to

Hope this helps



Try Insure and GO...they did add a little on for me when I took mine out but only about 10 pounds I think...and it was cheaper to get annual than bother with one trip only insurance! You may have to ring..but worth a try!


My boyfriend used Cover My Travels when we went away without any problems. Incidentally, has anyone ever been to Cairo? We're thinking of going but have heard the pollution's so bad it's probably not a great idea x


I just wanted to Jump in here.

I was in Cambodia during the summer and it have severe problems with pollution. The only times that it hits you bad it sitting in the back of a tuk tuk in traffic. YOur eyes swell up, you become asthmary and feel generally pants.

I bought a mask and wore it in the tuk tuks and always checked with the driver if the traffic was bad. To which I would make a decision as to wait to go home or not. Main thing is, always take your inhaler with you, specially if the pollution rates are high.

PM me if you need anything else!




I have a royalties gold account with the rbs. (costs £12 per month) With this they give you free travel insurance for you your spouse and kids under 18, I informed them I had asthma and they said its ok. The bonus is they give you a reduction on flights, hotels and package holidays from most companies if you book through them plus free entry to the executive lounge. (i never drink the free booze before 11, honest) There are a lot of other freebies but Im not on commision so you will have to check there web site.



We went to Florida a year ago and got travel insurance for Emily from Direct Line.

It cost us £163 for 2 weeks. We didnt have to make a claim so don't know what they are like to deal with, but were great on the phone when i arranged it. They ask you a series of reasonably simple questions and quote you according to your answers !! I know they will insure you even with your ITU admissions, just depends how much they will charge you for it. Good Luck :-)

Hope this info is useful

Cathy x



Atlasdirect is worth a try. I got 10 days in US for £120 which could maybe be the same or a little bit more for 2 weeks as it is not calcu;ated day be day. Don't let anything slip your mind regarding amount of drugs, number of hospital admissions etc. as it would invalidate your insurance if you became ill. I gave the same information to 3 companies and 2 quoted me £120 and £130, the third £69 which I was tempted to take but rang back to check and it seems that they had misinterpreted one of my answers and it should have been £140. I wasn't going to risk taking it at the cheapest price and worrying if I would be covered and having a fight on my hands if I became ill over there which could cost thousands. l


Re: Post office

Not 100% relevant, I took out a years medical and travel insurance with the post office and when I had an mp3 player stolen (had police statements taken and copies of these) The post Office refused to let me claim although it was stated as being covered in my policy(and I had statements) so I dont regard them too highly and wouldn't trust them with my health! hope this is useful. Meg x


I have had cover from the post office for travel insurance and they paid up for a medical claim with no problems and within a month!

Often your home insurance will cover portable possesions abroad up to a certain amount. Mine does and I checked this before travelling.

The PO are covering me again for another trip with no increase on the excess either! I rate them very well as they cover my asthma without costing more than the trip!



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