Woo hoo!

I hope no-one minds me sharing my little bit of good news. Today I submitted my PhD thesis (it's not all over yet - still got to have and pass the exam before I can call myself Dr but it's a big step).

It's taken me 5 years which is much longer than expected/usual (they say 3 years, though most people take more) during which I've had to study part-time when my health's been bad and study around hospital admissions and appointments. When my asthma was particularly bad and I was spending so much time in hospital and then had to fight for the right to continue at uni when so many people thought it wasn't in my best interests, and having to fight for funding so financially I could continue, I really never thought I would see this day. It still doesn't seem real.

I wanted to thank everyone here who has helped me through the difficult times over the last few years - you have really made a difference and are a part of me having achieved this today - thanks. :)

I hope this serves as some inspiration to others too - it's been hard and believe me at times I've wanted to give up but I'm so glad now I carried on fighting. I haven't reached the end the 'traditional' way in the usual time, but that doesn't matter - I got there and I proved what I knew deep down I could achieve.



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  • Dear Ratty

    CONGRATULATIONS, truly inspirational, thank you for sharing your amazing news. Well done you!

  • Fantastic news Ratty,so proud of you xxx

  • Well done!!!

  • Oh marvellous, brilliant, wonderful, good for you, and yes by the way thanks for the inspiration, another 4 years before I get my B.Hon, but with a story like that I have no excuses.

  • well done!

  • Congratulations Ratty!!! I bet it feels so good!! xx

  • Well done Ratty! Must be a fantastic feeling xx

  • I just wanted to say a massive congratulations. This post made me smile so much! I also just submitted my PhD the other week, and started my postdoc last Monday. It has taken me 4 years rather then the expected 3 as I have spent many, many months in hospital with my asthma during this time period. I also had so many people try and tell me that I should give it up and accept that I won't manage to work full time etc etc, and at times I thought that might be true but finishing it and starting a job has been the biggest confidence boost ever.

    I'm so excited for you Ratty, and also wanted to join you in thanking everyone that has kept me going in the darkest times. What are your plans now? I hope you have some well earned holiday time coming up?!!!! Good luck for the VIVA- I am so scared that I'll be unwell and have to rescehdule it as it'll right in the middle of cold and flu season which is never my friend.

    Congratulations again! Keep us updated :-)


  • Hello Ratty!

    Congratulations and well done for doing a PhD. What did you do your research in?

    I looked at PhDs a few years ago but in my field of interest, it involved quite a bit of field work.

    I have achieved a Masters in Ecology and that was a challenge!

    But with support, you can achieve what you want.

    Well done!



  • Congratulations Ratty!! That is a real achievement, seriously well done to you :)

  • Congratulations Ratty! That is fantastic, you must be so pleased especially since it's been suvh a struggle with people telling you it wasn't possible. I'm also curious about what area it's in...

    Have you heard any more about your postponed job interview btw? I hope that goes wel, or has gone well.

  • Well done!

  • Thank you so much everyone - your replies mean so much because I know you all understand the impacts of asthma and so what it's taken to get here when it's something many people can't/don't understand. My PhD is in primary education so I spent a year in schools doing fieldwork and catching every bug the kindly children gave me for free! Maybe I would have been better off up a mountain, Kate! My job interview is on Monday...

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