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Nellie and his friends

Odd one this... It appears that Nellie's having a party and has moved up to make room for his friends. I've got the usual 'heaviness' in/on my chest, but I've also now got the same heaviness feeling higher up towards my throat and also occasionally spreading to my neck/jaw. very odd. Nellie seems to be wandring about with his friends to find the most comfy place to sit.

Has anyone had this higher-up heaviness in addition to chest heaviness before?I'm not too worried because everything else is the same, it just feels odd and I wonder if others have experienced this or know what it was?

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Not alone, sometimes Nellie sits on chest and tells her pals to sit under my chin and stomach. Usually on the right hand side. Flipping annoying when happens on a day you'd planned on doing loads but really don't feel up to it. Yep, that'd be today!

PS for those of you following my earlier posts, I would of course be working from a 'sitting on the sofa with feet up' position. Follow up dvt/enlarged vein scan tomorrow. OK?


hi ratty

i get that from time to time. It is because your chest muscles are tight they are pulling on down on other muscles. Sorry to hear you are having a rough time. I am not winning either - returned to sofa surfing as i am exhausted from being a housewife.



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