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travel insurance and severe asthma

Can anybody recommend any travel insurance companies that will insure you to go to the US? I have managed to get insurance (from specialist companies) for Europe but they said they will only cover up to 100,000 for the US? One of my friends from uni now lives in New Yirk and I would love to visit him!

My asthma is bad, but not terrible (I have had 3 hospital admissions in the last year) and I also have anaphylaxis.

Thanks for any advice!

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Noticed you haven't received any replies. Have you tried using the keyword search option on the left of the web page as I know there have been several posts on travel insurance in the past. There was also one on Jan 18th that might be of use to you. Hope you get sorted.




Have you tried the Post Office? I got insured through them though not for North America. There will be a medical premium to pay (Mine was £80) to ensure your asthma is covered and that was up to £10 million - would cover medevac no probs. May be more of a premium for the US.

Worth a try though.



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