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+ve clinic appt ??

positive outcome maybe?

had follow up with consultant today following my recent 8 admissions :S

after everything discussed. had skin tests and bloods taken. confirmed allergies to what i already knew, as well as cats - so thats why i get tite around my mum's cat??

also, i keep telling them that everytime i wean down the pred, and other factors, i end up dipping peak flow dramatically and end up in resus with severe attack... so therefore being kept on pred long-term slightly higher maintenance dose to see if that will stabilise my uncontrollable symptoms :S but of course, cos of that need close monitoring so means 2-3 weeks visiting trips to costa clinic...


oh and mentioned blue fingers, he not concerned, just asthma symptom due to lack of oxygen in an attack. will observe and if keeps occuring, will investigate :)

x x x

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You're just so kind, Snowygirl. In one visit you've made your consultant feel good by letting him (her?) tell you what you're allergic to when you already knew it. Then you let him amuse himself by tinkering with your meds. Then you let him organise your life so that he gets the pleasure of your company every couple of weeks. I hope he truly appreciates you! lol

Seriously, it's good to know that your consultant actually listened to what you were saying about your meds, and seems to be aware that blue fingers can be a result of the asthma. I think, on the whole, you're right and you've had a positive result.

keep well.



haha thanks annista, that made me smile :)

i am in control of my consultant!!

he took time to listen for a change! makes a change from my old consultant >:(

thought it means i need to stay on BTS stage 5 as brittle and asthma so unpredicatable and unmanageable still :S but hey, what can you do?!

and made an agreement with the asthma nurse that i will NOT delay going to costa: if 2 nebs do

not work - i ring 999 defo

on the whole, yes a positive outcome! MOT passed haha

x x x


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