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top ten allergies

went onto my aol homepage just now and one of the lead news articles is on top ten allergies , did you no the top ten allergies are:

1. asthma

2. hayfever

3. pets

4. peanuts


6. fish & shell fish

7. house dust mites


9. sesame

10. insect stings

im sure im pretty much right in saying theres a good few of us on here with our fare share of these

link to article (contains more info) :


its a long link i no lol soz , im sure someone might be able to make it tiny soon

luv and hugs 2 all

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Allergic TO asthma? Now there's an interesting one. :p Surely asthma IS the allergic reaction (perhaps to some allergens further down the list) rather than the allergen? I think the poor person writing that article may need a little education...


hi ratty

i think that might actually be my wording lol

yes it seemed like asthma was the allergy lol

sorry for confusion - xx


Nah, I think they're the confused ones. They do talk about asthma and allergy being related but asthma is definitely listed as the top 'allergy' with actual allergens further down the list. Some people might call me pedantic...

Here's a little url to the same article:



for those of us who use firefox, this add-on will create those tiny url's we love with a single click.




ratty after re-reading the article your not pedantic at all , your completely right and thanks for changing it to a tiny url

chris - your a star , always sorting problems out , thanks , personally i think its amazing i can make my own tiny url's , thnaks again

lauren xx


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