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Car Parking Problems

I would be very interested to have views and experiences, please.

I have had asthma to some degree all through my life.

At times I am fortunate to be quite well, and though my energy and resilience has diminished somewhat in the past couple of years, I can usually drive to park in the local town and walk to the shops, etc, without too much difficulty.

However, there are times when I have no choice but to go into town and take the closest space to the Bank, or whatever destination I need. Often ticket machines are some distance away, and a few weeks ago, when it was also very hot, I just could not make it to the machine and back and then off again. After only 20 minutes, when I puffed back to the car, I had a penalty ticket for £20.

I wrote to the local Council but they didn't want to know.

I am thankful that I do not need a disability badge for the car, but I wonder what other people think about a registered notice for car use, on the occasions when breathing difficulties are acute.

Although I have a supportive family and friends, I do not have an immediate partner to drive me around, and think too, that it is important to keep independent.

I shall be very interested to hear from anyone interested enough to reply.

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Hi Jacqui,

It sounds like you have similar problems to me - mostly you are well enough to manage but sometimes not. It would be a great idea for something like you suggest, but I think it would be open to far too much abuse. The GPs have so much to do dealing with the disabled badges and all the other forms people have for things that they wouldn't be able to 'police' it, and so many other people with other problems would also be eligible, that in reality anyone who wanted would get a badge and they would be useless.

sorry to be so negative, I think it is a good idea but perhaps not so practical when you think of all the people who could justify having such a thing



that's what i was thinking too owl. a really good idea but probably impossile t work out who's actually eligible and who's abusing the system. after all there's already that problem to a certain extent with the current blue badge scheme. i don't know what the answers are ..... unless we were to approach AUK to start a campaign of some sort or we individually contacted our local councils highlighting the problem. i rather suspect that they's just say there's nothng they can do though, and i suppose they have to draw the line somewhere.



hi ya

i have a blue badge it is not always possible to park in the disabled spaces so if i am well i park as close as possible, however you could apply for a badge and just use it when you need to that may help you.

cheers and take care

lisa xx


Thanks everyone who replied to my message. I agree it is difficult to implement a new scheme, and I know G.P.'s are very busy, but essentially we are trying to do the best we can without resorting to being considered permanently disabled, and to comply with parking regs. where and when possible. A.U.K. has already responded to my first contact, so I remain hopeful, but would be willing to try and do more with sufficient support.




At the end of the day this is what the blue badge is for. There's no need to complicate matters with any other parking schemes.

As an aside, isn't it about time all those blooming ""mother and baby"" spaces were removed and either switched to disabled spaces or reverted to normal parking? You can leave a child at home. The same does not apply to a breathing difficulty...


wouldnt social services have something to say about leaving our kids at home alone ????? ;-) Only kidding I know what you meant lol

My son has a badge and when he is well we dont use it but when he having a bad time and unable to walk very far we do. I would suggest you apply for the badge and then use at your own discretion.


Steve, I am inclinded to agree about Mother and Child as they are so often abused. Mind you I am enjoying parking in disabled spaces and not displaying my blue badge until last minute all the OAP's scuttle over ready to have a go and calmy take out my blue badge and pop it in the window, smile and get out.

I will relate one rather amusing tale which happened to me the day before yesterday

Lady: I hope you are ashamed of yourself using that blue badge

Me: really and why is that (*keeping a careful lid on my temper*)

Lady: As you clearly had no trouble getting out of the car and walking it can't be for your use

Me: It is (*headed back to car and took out badge to prove it*) you almost ran over here as your legs work better than my lungs any chance of a swap?

Lady: I am using my husbands blue badge to park so I can shop

Me: forgive me for being rude here but where is your husband

Lady: at home but he also eats so I can use his badge to get the shopping

Me: *speechless*



Bex- im glad im not the only one that enjoys doing that, it does get so annoying especially now as i only use a stick and not the crutches!! Mind you its so easy to presume people are abusing the badges aas there are so many hidden problems like ours.

My mum has a sticker she puts on cars who are parked in disables bays without a badge and it says"" YOU HAVE MY PARKING PLACE WOULD YOU LIKE MY DISABILITY TOO?!""

Mother and Child spaces- these have their uses but as u say are easily abused but i feel that they are needed as in so many car parks the spaces are so narrow and its nearly impossibleto try and strap a young child into a seat with such limited space. BUT they are meant for parents with kids under 8 and it really annoys me when i see parents with kids of 8+ parking in them.

Re- disabled parking- not viable to start up any other system .

Jacki- like others say have u tried applying for blue badge and only using it when bad? I have one and if i feel i can walk the distance from a normal space then i use it and not a disabled baybut on the other hand if i need the bays i will use themand now i dont feel guilty anymore.

Good luck with what u decide to do.


hopalong I want some of those stickers, the website they were on shut down for a while I must go and see if its back up and running.

If I go out with my parents we park in the mother and baby spaces if we can't find a disabled space and put my blue badge out. My mum loves my blue bagde as it saves her from dragging me half way accross the car park trying to guide me round all the cars. It was very useful both times when I came out of hospital so I don't think those with severe asthma should feel that they aren't entitled to get one. You are definately much more entitled to park there than the silly people who drive in to a disabled space and run into the shop anyway even though you have waved your badge at them.


Sorry but i really appreciate the parent/child spaces. Getting twin toddlers in and out of the car without losing one/trollies rolling away/buggy parked in way of other cars is really hard even when i'm not wheezy!

They are abused though and i have been know to leave notes on other cars about their invisible kids on bad mood days.



I have to agree with the others. I too have a blue badge but only use it when im not well. It does make me laugh when the old biddies stand watching me get out my car and look to see if i can walk or not. Ive also had people ask if i should park in disabled spaces as i have my legs. People only recognise disabilities they can see.

Truly x


I have a blue badge too and get really dirty looks from people when i get out of the car and look 'normal'. Just because i dont have one leg or a wheelchair!

I have just bought a sticker to put in my car that says -

Disabilities arn't always visible.

I got it from that auction site that begins with e(just in case im not allowed to say it on here)!!

Im lucky too as my local council dont charge blue badge holders for parking anywhere but i dont take advantage of my badge unless i really need to.


Got annoyed today when a bloke, who had just parked in a disabled place ( he did have a blue badge) tried to guide me into the parking place.... he suddenly appeared behind my car as I was parallel parking which I can do fine and started waving his arms around! Ended up slamming on brakes and said politely that I could park fine without guidance! He got really cross then watched and smirked from the other side of the road as I started again! Mouthed some obsenities to him through the windscreen! I have passed my driving test so I think that I am capable despite being disabled and Female of driving without assistance!!

Sorry rant Over, It was just the fact he was so rude when I stated I was OK to park. People walking behind car or ' helping' I find a distraction.


I too do get funny looks on occasions when I get out the car and appear 'normal'.



Kate, I know just what you mean... and what is with the wierd circluar hand motion blokes do, does it bear any relevence to what you need to do to park or is it just some male show off annoying type thing!




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