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Hi everyone,

Managed to accidentally post this in another thread so 2nd time lucky...

I am going to the Pyrennees for 2 weeks next month, first time I've been with asthma. I was wondering if anyone has experience of how altitude (up to about 3000m) might affect me? I've already spoken to my GP about making sure I have plenty of medication to take, is there anything else I should do before going abroad?

On the plus side, I know that the air down there is much cleaner and that pollen and damp (2 of my main triggers) are nowhere near as bad here.

In the past I've gone there to cycle the route of some of the Tour-de-France mountain stages, but suspect that ain't happening this year as yesterday a fairly sedate 30 minute amble along a relatively flat road had me gasping and reaching for my salbutamol (also feeling absolutely wiped out and very tight all day today). So I think the big mountains are off the menu. Oh well, just have to find a different way to convice people that I'm barking mad...


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Have been in American Rockies (can't remember how high) and was ok with my asthma, as you say air was much cleaner. Main problem was dehydration with the altitude which can creep up on you as you don't feel thirsty, where you feel dizzy and sick and can lead to serious problems, so please keep drinking water even though you might feel you don't need to.

Have a great time


PS Remember to take your repeat prescription list with you as proof of what you take.


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