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am I asthmatic ???

I have recently been invited to attend classes at local hospital mainly for COPD sufferers I explained I have been diagnosed as having chronic asthma would I benefit from these and then I was told by the nurse that most people who are asthmatic are not and its COPD, My consultant agrees with me being asthmatic so now I am confused. Has anyone else come across this ?

I am 64 female. many thanks


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I think you should discuss this with your consultant . If he hasn't done tests to diagnose asthma over the copd then ask if he can. Treatments and support can be similar so the group may be beneficial.


Hi Pat

If the classes are pulmonary rehab, then you might find it of some help. I attended classes a couple of years ago and found it to be quite good. There was an hour of gentle individualised exercise and then an hour (Ithink) of information/talks etc. I didn't go to all the talks as they weren't all appropriate (eg advice on giving up smoking) but did find some of it useful (info about medications, chest clearance techniques etc). It did nothing for my asthma, but the support and camaraderie was good.


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