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Does anyone know the effects of asthma medications on unborn baby's? I've recently discovered i'm five weeks pregnant and i'm really scared and as i have been quite bad lately and been on a lot of medication.

Also what harm can happen o my baby when i'm taking an attack? My asthma has got worse over the past few weeks and i'm scared the two are linked.

any advice will be gratefully taking.


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first of all......CONGRATULATIONS! i would say speak to your doctor or asthma nurse about this, as they would know whether or not it is safe, and if it isn't they will find medication that is. x


Lauren - what meds are you on? There are very few asthma meds that will affect your baby, and it's probably more important that your asthma is well controlled during your pregnancy.

I'll write a more detailed reply later if you let me know what you're on?

And...congrats, of course!



sorry i maybe should of put that in my first message.

I am on Symbicort, two different salbutamol's, antihistamine tablets (deslaratadine) and antihistimine nasel spray (athma is badly affected by allergies) I was on a short course of pred and something else a few weeks ago too.

I'm also worried about x-rays - had one that i insitd i wasn't pregnant whee as last week they tested my first and thats how i found out.

I'm also concerned whatthe affects of me having an attack are on the baby as if i can't breathe what is happening inside me.


Hi Lauren, sorry for the delay in replying.

As I quickly mentioned below, there are very few asthma medications that could potentially harm a developing baby, and the generally any risks that are posed are by far outweighed by the importance of having you asthma well controlled.

Symbicort, salbutamol and your nasal spray are all entirely safe. As for the desloratadine, they say there is no evidence of harm to the developing baby from the studies that they have done in animals, but the manufacturers advise to avoid it during pregnancy. But this doesn't mean you need to panic. Just see your GP and discuss changing to something different, such as piriton, which has a very good safety record in pregnancy.

How long ago was your x-ray, and what did they x-ray? I doubt there will be much risk of harm from this either.

General pregnancy related things - make sure you look after yourself, start taking folic acid (ask your pharmacist, it helps to make sure your baby's nervous system develops properly) and book in to see your GP to have a chat ASAP.

Have a look around on this site too - there is some information about asthma in pregnancy somewhere.

All the best,



Here, in fact:



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