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999 drama - i really don't do things calmly

I'venot been feeling to great for the past few days at all and it turns out i have a chest infection - and i and the nurse thought it was a simple bad cold - easy mistake.

Last night i began to feel pretty tight chested, wheezy and was coughing but nothing i couldn't handle. I sorted myself out and decided to head for bed, around one am i woke up and felt awful, my chest really felt so tight like someone really did have a rope around me and just kept tightening it (has that happened to anyone before?) i was coughing like crazy, wheezing and even being sick, i let myself go on lie that for twenty mins or so but felt i was getting worse rather than better, i was in on my own and was really scared. I thought about calling NHS24 but really worried about how i'd talk so i dialed 999 for myself - i've never called an ambulance for myself before. I don't remember much about the phonecall other than the fact i really was struggling to speak at all, i don't even think i gave my address they must trace it from a landline. They sent a paramedic on his own first who got here quick but then i had the drama of going down the flight of stairs to unlock my door - (i live in a four in a block upper flat). Then two more paramedic people arrived. As well as m asthma being bad i was in a complete state of panic prob made worse by the fact i had three people i didn't know trying to help me (which i have to say i was so so grateful for and think they all done a wonderful job and really believe the ambulance service deserves praise for what they do - this is prob the worst i have been and i was so scared and they really tried to get me to relax and calm down, told me not to apologise in fact told me not to talk etc - lucky i have all my medications, allergies, health pobs written down so i can hand it to them rsther than speak)

They then took me to hospital and within about 6 hours i was back home, the main prob was i got myself in such a state i made myself worse etc, i have to rest for a few days, got anti-biotics etc and feel a bit sorry for myself but apart form that i'm okay.

Has anyone else had 999 drama's before? or been alone and had to call? i really did not want to call but knew it had got to the stage where i had to. I don't remember too much as i was hysterical and all over the place kind of thing but i do know that i really admire what the ambulance service do - though i was surprised i had three people in my house - is that normal?


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sorry - i didn't mean to post this twice. xx


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