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Well I am back to knocking my head against a brick wall again with regards to DLA forms... applied several timesover a period of years and never got anywhere with them... Has anyone who has sucessfully filled these forms out got any tips or helpful suggestions that might help with regards to the asthma side of things...

I have been down the route of CAB and found them to be hopeless, so not willing to go down this road again.... We do not have a local dial centre nearby....Also tried going by the guidance given by well known benefits website...

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I tried twice to get DLA and on the second attempt was awarded higher rate mobility and care. My community asthma nurse sat with me and it took us about 3 hours to complete them. You have to remember to fill them in thinking about your worse days.

I was visited at home by a medical person and then my claim was back dated nearly 12 months. I got myself a car with the motibility bit of the benefit and it changed my life.

My asthma is now much better and I no longer qualify.

It is worth trying again. Have you got a health professional who will help you?

Good luck

Lisa x


Thanks for your reply, I am seeing my consultant next month... so will ask if one of the nurses there might be able to help with the forms.... As it is a big hospital they might have someone who specialises in this area. Only been at new hospital for a year and still finding out what support is available for the asthma... as some of the support I get is from my local area.


I feel your pain...i have applied three times and got turned down each time...i am about to loose my job it seems also so when this does happen i will be applying again as there is no chance i can physically work. Last time i got told i could walk 40yards to far...this was without a person coming to medically examine me!! Sucks as i have no income now and no finacial support other than esa...

Hope your get someone to help you soon!!



just keep sending those forms in...... read questions a few times before you answer and good luck


I had a discussion about DLA with my mum this morning. It helps if someone else presents your claim for you. She had a friend who's job was to help people with this sort of form filling. But when it came to getting *her* DLA she had to get someone else to present it and only then was it awarded to her.

Here's what she's put together for a friend who's recently come out of hospital.

Direct payments – care package

DLA – try and get disability Law Service involved. They will visit,

Barnado’s will have access to young carers etc,

Link hospital and social services support via gp.



I haven't filled in a DLA form for many years now so can't really advise what to say or put on them these days. I would say get help with filling them in as advised below.

I was turned down twice, took it to tribunal (everyone pushed for me to carry on trying......) that was back in 1997!!!represented myself and got it. I was reassessed three years later and it stayed the same.

I assume you have letters from Consultants, GPs etc etc etc....

Mine put that it is physically dangerous for me to walk anywhere and get on a bus type thing and that would lead to life threatening attacks etc....

I will have a look on line at the forms and see if anything springs to mind.




Hi there,

I'm probably in the minority as I got DLA approved first time without a medical required for high mobility and medium care.I do spend a lot of time in and out of a and e (12 in the last year) and several planned admissions to one of the specialist centres.Some people take the view that you should provide as little information as possible however i have found in my case that if you provide lots of information from different sources to back you up it helps. My form took weeks to do as I was in and out of hospital and I sent +100 pages of supporting documents. My suggestions would be:

1. Make sure you are not under medicated- if your asthma is difficult make sure you are getting all the different medicines to help you and send a prescription list in.

2. If you have admissions to a &e because your asthma is difficult include copies of your discharge letters

3. Ensure your Consultants, Asthmas nurses, GP etc know you are making a claim and confirm they will respond if contacted - some staff like to be asked before being contacted

4. Don't forget to include any physio information. You can ask to be referred or assessed if you are an inpatient. The pulmonary rehab team can also provide support to you. They can document your capabilities and difficulties and provide another medical contact to support your case. Remember DLA forms are about what you can and can't do.

5. Always have someone describe how you are affected by your asthma. I had a family member who sees me regularly.

6. Although the form doesn't really ask for it, give details of any specialist outpatient appointments you have had relating to your asthma or other conditions.

I hope this helps and don't lose heart, it is very easy to be worn down and give up (I think they count on it!). You are genuinely being disabled by your asthma.

Good luck!



Request to have DLA DR to come and see you that how I finally got it after 5 attempts so dont give up hun hope thats some help for you take care xxx


Thank you for all the really helpfull information... I tend to write loads, so will have to make sure I keep to the point... problem is I have quite a few conditions so have to write specifc info for each activity/condition...

I have had a home visit on my first application, however other two got turned down straight away...


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