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Changing to the Brompton?

Hi all,

I currently see a (very good) consultant in London for the control of my asthma. However, I have been seeing him for 2 and a half years and still don't seem to be getting very far and still feel like my asthma and the impact it has on my life is underestimated.

I have been considering asking my GP to refer me to RBH (Bromptom Hospital) as I am well aware that my kind of asthma is the kind they are good with! However, is it possible to just change consultants if I ask my GP? And am I likely to get any further ahead with a different specialist team?

Any general advice really appreciated, I'm sick of feeling so rubbish with my chest :(

Thanks, Emz x

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I'm pretty sure you can ask the GP for a referral. I don't think it's only tertiary referrals in which case it would have to come from the consultant. I guess it can't do any harm to ask.

I needed a second opinion / new consultant for a separate condition I have as I was very unhappy with the treatment I'd had from a previous consultant and the GP was fine doing this - took a while though because of some new system for referrals they have which meant it had to go through some third party who didn't know me at all.

Hope you get some answers some way or another. If you find a miracle cure, please let me know, my lungs are not liking this sudden very cold weather, hence why I'm up at his time. :(


i go to the Brompton and my team are amazing and really helpfull. I hope you get to go - they will be able to do lots of tests and find out what meds are best for you. Good Luck!



I think since it appears that you have a good relationship with your current consultant, to approach the referral as a team effort between him and the Brompton. Very often consultants no matter how good they are do reach a point where more expertise would be welcome by them too. So that is how I would do it, your current consultant to support you locally with the Brompton overseeing you. Once the Brompton had done as much as they could for me they handed me back to local care I went back to a local consultant. If I were in your position I would maintain the positive relationship by saying to them that you value his/her input but feel that there are more options do be explored that for some reason that he can not pursue.

Wishing you the best outcome, Katina


Thanks for all your replies and suggestions. I guess there's no harm in approaching the subject with my GP!


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