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The news that housework gives you asthma

Surely by now companies would not be using chemicals in their cleaners and be fragrance free- I wish!! But what exactly is fragrance free? It has to smell of something!

IF only that was true.

Wonder if anyone at the hospitals gps shops etc would inwardly digest and make it a pleasenter place to be??

I expect it took someone years to make out that ""smells"" irritate asthmatics lungs! All they had to do was ask!


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I saw the newspaper article carrying this news and thought: I've known this for years. Cleaning products, furniture polish, and airfreshners have had me gasping and wheezing for as long as I can remember - I'm glad someone scientific has noticed at last!!


Hoorah - could this be an end to GLADE plug-ins - they give me migranes and smell horrible!!!!


My flatmate had her parents coming to visit so she sprayed all through the kitchen to make it smell better so when I opened the door it was like a wall of scent!

Then she sprayed the down the corridor too - I don't think she thought it through too well.

I had to bail back to my room rather swiftly!


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