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Arterial Lines

Hey All!!

Bit of a random question to all those out there who have had Arterial Lines...

...with my latest one, since I had it out I have been gettng horrible pain in my wrist and I have a steady lump still going on! (ive not had this in any of my previous ART lines or ABGs)

Is this normal? Or is it just the fact that I have had 6 in that wrist in the last year alone, and ABG in that wrist each time I land in hospital?!

Whats your experience with them?!

Should I be worried!?

Next time I land in ITU should I push for them to put it somewhere else or for A and E to do ABGs in other arteries!? my problem is, I have a vein that runs over my artery and a weak pulse in my right wrist, so it cant ever be used! I think one doctor managed to use it as a last attempt before going to my foot summer last year, but no other doc has managed to use it yet!?

Argh so annoying!!

Sorry, bit of a random post!!


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is it red or swollen...? if so seek medical advice...not sure what elseit could be sorry

I have had nerve damage in my thumb and wrist from art lines that is painful and feels like pins and needles at all times. It is slowly healing 8 months on from when the damage was done...but still feels odd. I wear a brace to keep thump in neitral position less stress on nerves etc I also can't have art line in my left arm again.


hey charlie,

a couple of times ive had a lump where ive had abgs or art lines, usually when theyve had lots of attempts or if the art line has been in for quite a while. mine were hard, but painless lumps which wend down over time. think they were possibly a bit of fibrosis where the artery was trying to heal.

as honey says, if its red or painful at all then best to get it checked out to rule out infection/inflammation.

the only issue i had was that it made abgs in the wrist with the lump extra painful and pretty impossible. ive also had nerve problems because of art lines (or failed attempts at putting them in!) which have made abgs in that wrist a little problematic. thankfully both of my wrists are still just about useable! have once had to have a femoral stab as drs failed multiple times in my wrists ... would not recommend as very painful!

B x


I've had that happen before on one occasion too. I assumed it was an inflammation type thing, so I alternated between putting hot and cold compresses on it. I remember keeping it elevated seemed to help too. I had pain on and off for about 2 weeks after the arterial line, then it just disappeared. I've had arterial lines and ABGs since and not had the pain again.

If it's red or swollen though then you should definitely get it checked out.

Hope the pain eases soon! Dawn x


I would rather have it in my wrist than neck or groin ...... Tho a pain these lines are important for the dr .... Best to grin and bear it I'm afraid


Thanks for all your advice guys!!

I think I may get it looked at if no better in a week, as it would have been two weeks since it being removed!

It not read, but it has got a bit of a lump on it and a bit ""puffy"" so to speak!

I know theres not a lot they can do, as when in a n emergency they need to do them, but there starting to struggle now :(

think I might have some nerve damage though as my thumb and point finger (lol) keeps getting pins and needles in and going numb whihc i dont think it good!!!!



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