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have you ever?

Desperatly wanting to know if here is anyone else out there who the consultants go through a stage thinking there may be other things going on other than asthma, how many months etc it has taken for cons to sort your treatment / diagnosis, how many of you have fallen out with the consulatnat because it feels as though your going no where...and what you done to get things sorted!?!?

Please help!!!


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my first consultant just completely ignored everything i or my parents told him: got moved to another hospital at their demand, was taken in a taxi, and the driver said i really should be in an ambulance...second consultatn said he thought of other stuff, but only after i already suggested that to him. plus he put me on singulair, wich is known to deteriorate vasculitis. so now on my third, i get on fine with her, altohugh i am getting slightly better lung wise so that probs helps. so i would ask for a second opinion? hope this helps, just to know youre not alone...

all the best



Thanx for reply, im on 3rd cons already and they have all said different triggers, causes and third cons has been the only one to actually run a few more tests but on a whole they are still a little on the pants side as they havnt a clue what is going on...or infact what to do!! Rubbish!!!



Oh charlie_warlie, I kind of know what you mean. Just had first cons appt, he said not likely to be asthma as normal spirometry & total IgE (allergy blood test) low. So not looking forward to next appt as bronchial provocation also normal/no reaction but good response to ventolin at the end? Have always been told by GP/asthma nurses typical peak flow dips & generally atopic/allergic. Asthma nurse basically said that's a load of rubbish when I told her he suggested dysfunctional breathing & only mentioned hyperventilation in his letter.

I can't remember if this has come up before but have you seen a difficult asthma specialist yet? Think Southmead would be the closest with an interest in it at least.


Thank you for all the replies...

I is going to have to be a trip to a specialist centre as i cant be dealing with it...getting so frustrated with cons saying its everything as well or instead of asthma...they even sent me for a grilling with a phsyc person who got arsey with me because i was to happy, bubbly and outgoing considering i have such a chronic which i reminded her, just coz i have an illness doesnt mean i have to be depressed!!

What i dont underatand is yes my ige level is ok so dont qualify for xolair...but my spirometry is shocking, my nitric oxide is sky high even with being on anti inflams, PF are getting worse, i have crap air entry, the docs say they can hear inflammation (not sure how u can hear it but hey ho, my sats are shocking. ...blah blah blah the list goes on...yet there confused with what doing on...

I think they just need to admit they havnt a clue!

Can i get my gp to refer me to specialist centre as i think this is only way forward now!!


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