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peak flow meter really help?


i am new to asthma, however, my peak flow standard is around 630. but i can reach that even before i take any treatment and now with one week reliever (which stop taking now) and a few days preventer, my peak flow reach 680 - 720. still suffer sometime. do not understand. any one can help?

and i have difficult to breath (not very serious) and some cough(at the night) which i concern are symptoms, but how is attack like as i am quite worry about that cause i do nto know. please answer me.


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Hi tigerlidi,

peak flow varies depending on lots of things - such as age, sex, height etc.

As a young man, you should get a higher reading than older women, for example. It may be that your expected peak flow is quite high, so that is why you have symptoms at a level i might not.



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