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Walking Maratons

I am aware this is in a couple of weeks and I am not suggesting this year but looks like a well organised, regular event that could be aimed for next year!!


Just Walk is an exciting sponsored UK charity walk for anyone wanting to fundraise for the charity of their choice. This fundraising walk is open to charities and anyone who is keen to get their walking boots on and hike for charity - you can choose either 10km, 20km, 40km or 60km routes - so something for everybody. This charity walk offers enthusiastic walkers the chance to experience a breathtaking charity walk over the picturesque South Downs in West Sussex and generate funds for their chosen charity.

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Something like this sounds great. :D I've previously done Snowdon and Scafell for different charities and had such an amazing time - it's not just the walking, there's a real buzz of doing something like that together as a team for a common cause.


Like to plug something, Over the Wall (charity that runs camps for children with life threating and life limiting conditions and simblings to special camps) have organised a camp to camp walk from there camp in scotland to dorset can walk as little or as much as they want.



Snowden and Scafell? They sound hard! I am impressed. This is close to where one of the KAHs was last year in West Sussex. I think meeting up with different people for a common cause is exactly the best reason to do it too Ratty and also that way people aren't all asking the same people for sponsorship like if a group of friends do something. I think I am going to look after this years walks have happened and see what is about for next year.


They were hard, but really enjoyable looking back on them. They were both of course before my asthma became brittle, not sure I would manage them now, though I'll never say never. I did ask my GP about doing Ben Nevis recently as I'd love to be able to say I've done all of the 3 peaks - let's just say her face was 'interesting' at the prospect of me going up a mountain with crabby lungs!!!


Ha! Does sound amazing though, I figure the 10km in Wussex is achievable. Problem with asthma is it isn't just about training is it? You just never know what is going to happen.


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