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Dental Work

Hello All,

I had to have a fair bit of emergency dental work a couple of weeks a go and was told that I had to take extra steroids because of the stress it puts the body under and the adrenal gland not being in a position to make more steroids for you. I have never been told this when on steroids (but have never had to have dental treatment). When I was up to 60mg he said I would be fine but I have more treatment on Wednesday and just want to know if this is really necessary. I should be down to 25mg by Wednesday all things going to plan and am have my two root canals filled and a wisdom tooth removed.

Thanks Nic

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NickyNoo, it's a bit scary when someone gives you advice like that out of the blue. I think you need to get on the phone and ask for advice from your GP/NHS Direct or anybody else who's available to help.

Good luck with it.



Hi Nicky. That's a new one to me - never been told that and I have had a lot of dental work over the years. I would check with your GP. Good luck with the treatment.


Thanks guys, think I will ring NHS direct or the asthma nurse on Tuesday. I don't see how putting your steroids up will help if your are reducing and don't want to set myself back o my reductions. I am trying to worry more about the steroids rather than the needles and treatment.

I am glad I am not the only one that hadn't been told this.

Oh and Angie, the lad in my class got on the KAH too!!!! :D


check to be sure, but i have also been told the same - if i have dental work or any surgery done, i need to take extra pred for few days due to extra stress on body... etc..



Thinking about it, this could be what set off my asthma really bad a few weeks ago when I had a wisdom tooth out He couldnt get it out and had to break it and get it in bits, I was in that chair for 1 1/2 hours stressed out to hell, and then he didnt give me antibiotics and it got infected so it was nearly 3 weeks before I could eat anything solid and then the asthma became really bad - and coupled with a bad relationship to start with, no wonder I´m feeling ill right now - so yes - be wary of dentists!!


Bum! Will have to check with my asthma nurse really then won't I as it will push my reducing dose back up. Do you normally go up by 5mg or 10mg and reduce back down from there? Please don't say more than that!!!! lol


Thanks for the advice

Hey, thanks for all the advice on the steroids and dental treatment front. Had treatment today - unfortunately did get pushed back up to 40mg pred a day but considering I went into shock and passed out this probably isn't a bad thing! My dentist did proclaim 'I hate treating you asthmatics, you scare the hell out of me with all of your not breathing!!' which despite all the treatment did actually make me laugh.


my dentist makes me bring my neb with me even if it is just for a check up. He doesn't like asthmatics either! Had a bad experience once. I have told him I am not that keen on dentists.


He is a great dentist but doesn't get that when he keeps telling me to breathe and then floods my mouth with water that it kind of doesn't work!! The nurse has to remind him and he does his South African 'Damn, I forget she's a mouth breather!!'


if i remember rightly, i was told to go back to 40mg again, as if in acute exac , then wean down accordingly as per plan...

but check wiv your nurse :)

x x x


Hi Nicky

Ive never been told this either.

Had root canal work on 1 right at the back.

I know what you mean bout water, thought i was drowning :)

Poor you, hope all ok now


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