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has anybody tried the FitBug?

I am just out of hospital and got the post hospital blues, on lots of prednisolone, feeling fat and fed up as, yet again, my weight has gone up(lots of prednisolone, lots of easter eggs and general rubbish eating!) and I havent been able to do any exercise for ages.

Anyway, I just found this fabby website called FitBug. You pay a monthly amount (£9) and they send you a little ""bug"" which you attach to yourself and it counts your steps all day. You then plug the bug into your computer every week and it uploads the information and gives you targets. you also enter your weight and nutrition each day and it tells you how many more steps you need to do to lose or maintain weight, whichever you are looking to achieve. I received mine yesterday and it is so good. I feel much more motivated to do something about my weight.

Come to the conclusion that walking is the only exercise that I can consistently achieve, I have given up with everything else. Just thought I would let people know about this as I know many of you are in the same boat, battling with weight and prednisolone and exercise restrictions.

Hope it helps someone else out there.

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Sounds interesting..... have you got the webby addy please??



Hi kate, How are you? Hope things are on the up! The address is


I am hoping this is something I can actually stick to because walking is the only thing I can do regularly ( the dog makes sure that I can't give up on that one! ) They take all of your diet details and number of steps each day and tell you whether you need to increase your steps to balance out what you have eaten so that you will lose weight or maintain weight. I have been walking around house with my ""bug"" on and already done thousands of steps. it's amazing how quickly they add up!


Thanks, Will have a look.

It is amazing how many steps you can do in a day even just plodding round the house.

Feeling a bit happier, it a nice day and have sat in the sun a bit in the garden.


For those of you with a nintendo DS you can purchase a piece software which provides a step counter and provides similar advice on nutrition and exercise - may be more economical.


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